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Letter: Pro birth, not pro life

Some say they only vote for Republicans because they are “pro life.” It would be more accurate to say Republicans are “pro birth.” Once a child is born, how do Republican agendas help people?

Are Republicans truly pro life:

∎ When they vote against the minimum wage, food stamps, unemployment compensation and equal pay for women?

∎ When they deny man’s contribution to climate change, and do nothing to alter it?

∎ When they try to suppress the votes of minorities and the poor?

∎ When they deny marriage equality?

∎ When they do everything they can to stop the Affordable Care Act, which would give health security to every American?

∎ When they fight environmental protections for clean air and water?

∎ When they refuse to authorize spending to repair decaying infrastructure, which would create millions of jobs?

∎ When they are for capital punishment?

∎ When they are hawkish on foreign policy? How many thousands of people suffered or died due to the unnecessary Iraq war?

∎ When they vote against common-sense background checks for purchasing guns?

Until people are born, Republicans claim to be concerned; after people are born, Republicans prove to be apathetic.



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