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Letter: War on drugs failed

Heroin is a problem in New Hampshire, but the place to start is by plowing under the poppy fields every year in Afghanistan before they can be harvested.

In 2000, the Taliban, at the request of the United Nations, banned the production of opium poppies, and the United States responded by invading the country in 2001 and immediately restored the production of opium poppies.

It is clear that it had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden, and was only to keep heroin coming into the United States.

Why does the United States have a love-hate relationship with heroin?

Because it is big business.

There would be no reason to have police departments or jails if there was not a reason to arrest people and fill up the jails.

New Hampshire had a prison population of less than 300 up until 1980. Then the drug war got into full swing, and it exploded to 2,799 in 2013.

Has drug use declined? No, it has increased.

The correct approach is free clinics to provide free heroin to any addict. That eliminates two problems: drug pushers and crime, because money isn’t necessary when heroin is free.

We also need to decriminalize the use and possession of all drugs, and control the production and distribution.

Portugal did that and drug use is half what it was. You cannot arrest a heroin user and think that you have reduced the problem.



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