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Letter: Burden of hidden taxes

Regarding your recent story “Three Shaheen opponents oppose raising minimum wage, Brown takes no position” (Monitor, May 1), it is surprising to me that neither of the two major parties seems willing to discuss the fact that the working poor in America lose about one-third of their earnings to federal, state and local taxes when hidden taxes are considered.

Worse, they are now playing political football with the minimum wage, which won’t even cover rent anymore. And yet Gallup now reports that 76 percent of Americans – and nearly half of small business owners – support raising the bar to $9 an hour, which I think is reasonable.

Thousands of working New Hampshirites are struggling to make ends meet with rising prices and the new Obamacare tax.

Years ago, we put everything into creating and protecting good paying jobs in manufacturing and the trades.

We should support this increase and adjust the minimum wage for inflation. We should do away with the tax burden on the bottom half of Americans, and get government and lawyers out of the way of small-business owners who are trying to grow their business and create good jobs.



(The writer is a Libertarian candidate for governor.)

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do the readers know what the "earned interest tax credit " is?

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