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Letter: Join the climate fight

Kudos to Sol Solomon for writing an op-ed column on climate change (Monitor, May 9).

However, Solomon’s column covered too many topics, ranging from climate change, to fracking, to the toothless United Nations, and kidnapped girls in Nigeria.

Solomon’s column would have been more effective if he had focused just on climate change, given reasons for his concern, and called for specific climate change action from Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte.

Nonetheless, Solomon ended the column perfectly by proclaiming that it is “only the will of the people demanding change that can alter the history we’re writing through our indifference and inaction.”

Creating the political will for action against climate change is up to us, the people. If we, the people, insist that our elected officials pass legislation to lower emissions and fight climate change, then it will happen.

This is the guiding principle behind Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a volunteer organization lobbying for legislation to stabilize the climate. CCL is reclaiming our democracy from fossil fuel lobbyists and from years of citizen indifference.

I urge Solomon to join CCL’s New Hampshire chapter (in formation), and learn how to encourage New Hampshire’s congressional delegation to sponsor legislation to stabilize the climate.


Brookline, Mass.

(The writer is a member of the Boston chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.)

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Globull warming or climate disruption or whatever they call it is a HOAX that would make PT Barnum proud

Hey! Don Quixote! Over Here!

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