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Letter: New Hampshire Senate Republicans are out of touch

What’s wrong with New Hampshire Senate Republicans? Don’t they hold any of the same values as the majority of New Hampshire citizens?

Recent Senate deliberations reveal how out of touch Republican senators are. Case in point: Most New Hampshire citizens realize our political process has been captured by wealthy corporate and other interests to the detriment of our democracy.

To his credit, only Republican Russell Prescott voted with 11 Democrats to study whether the Legislature would consider supporting a constitutional amendment that might overturn the Citizens United decision. The bill failed on a 12-12 vote.

On April 17, 11 Republican Senators and one Democrat voted for HB 1170, a bill to repeal the death penalty, inexpedient to legislate. Democrat Lou D’Allesandro joined the 11 Republicans, and only Republican Sen. Sam Cataldo voted with the 11 Democrats. Last week, the Senate defeated a minimum wage bill.

Along party lines, all 13 Republican Senators rejected a bill that would have raised our minimum wage for working residents from $7.25 per hour to $8.25 next year and $9 in 2016. D’Allesandro referenced the 1968 minimum wage of $1.60, which is inflation-adjusted to $10.56 in today’s economy saying, “We’ve regressed.”

John Reagan, a Deerfield Republican, told the Laconia Citizen he thinks it’s “silly to say that someone couldn’t be supported on minimum wage as they can take on multiple jobs.”

The hypocrisy of Republican senators is palpable. Write them at



Legacy Comments3

Thats funny because when the majority of the population goes with a Republican idea, all we here is how the american people want it. You make me laugh. I loved President Reagan but lets remember all the tax increases that he voted for in his time. Everything he stood for would be ripped apart by todays Republican party. Your Party better get a grip soon because this country is growing at huge rate with minorities. The Hispanic, African American and Women. Plus, they don't vote for Republicans. That is a fact.

advocating giving up basic principles to run with the American Idol crown mentality is unpatriotic - maybe you can change your colors like a chameleon - not real Americans. Returning America to the constitution vs the untried utopian narrative of liberalism is the debate - I know what side I am on - do you?

populist ideas is no way to run a government.

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