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Letter: War on women is real

If you are going fishing, one person you don’t want in your boat is Jennifer Horn. All she ever comes up with is red herrings.

In her “My Turn” article (Monitor, May 10), one expects to be presented with real facts to dispute the allegation that Republicans are waging war on women. But all Horn provides is rehashed Karl Rove deceptive talking points.

She takes about 500 words to criticize Jeanne Shaheen, Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter for their votes on Obamacare but fails to mention that if left to the Republicans, millions of women would continue to go without any basic health care.

She implies that the 38,000 unemployed in New Hampshire are a result of Democratic policies, but fails to mention that her party refuses to extend unemployment benefits for these same people.

She also never mentions Republican resistance to laws providing women with pay equity, nor their fight against raising the minimum wage to help lift working women out of poverty, nor does she mention how a bunch of old white men are against women having control of their own bodies.

And she fails to mention how her party is cutting food stamps and other assistance for mothers and their children while constantly trying to cut taxes for the rich and corporations. No, Ms. Horn, the Democrats are not responsible for the belief that Republicans are waging war on women, not to mention wars against low- and middle-income families, or the sick or aged, or immigrants or gays. We, the people, perpetuate the belief because your party confirms the facts day after day.



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The NYT has some 'splainin' to do...

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