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Letter: No free speech

Live free or die, right? Free speech? Ya think?

Not here at the Monitor. I live out of state, but my brother lives in Concord, and he occasionally alerts me to various stories.

Well, I felt moved to reply to a comment and what do I find? I have to buy the space for my comments. Yup. Just like I was buying ad space. One dollar for a one day “pass.” That’s how much it costs for “free speech” at the Monitor. Yes, it’s tough raising revenue to pay employees. But this is such an inappropriate and wrongheaded thing to do, it kind of boggles the mind. I have NEVER seen another newspaper do this.

It will put people off from leaving comments. Sure everyone can afford a dollar, but it’s a matter of principle, and I resent the idea and its absurdity, and I’m sure a lot of people will. So what you get is a much diluted quantity and quality in your comments


Hartford, Conn.

Legacy Comments19

I don't think I remember a post from PBR in which an opinion was expressed. There usually more like edicts read from stone tablets and statement of FACTS(??) and the age old progressives are responsible for all the ailments of the world since the Lindbergh baby was "kidnapped". However since I am never sure what blather will be posted I look forward reading them with amusement, but to be educated - you're kidding right? I am partial to all the old "Obama will be a one term president" statements.

I guess I just fell for it. I read TCB's comments and thought when did Obama say stuff like this, I wouldn't have voted for him either. Come to find out it just satire made up by some conservative blogger and of course gone viral as the God's truth of right wing web.The rest of the supposed Obama qupte said the he and his wife regularly go to flag burnings. I guess that was too much for even right wing birthers to swallow as truth..

did your brother also tell you that the moderator also censors comments that are not in line with liberal thought

Yup. Censorship is why we've posted only 1,035 of your comments so far in 2014. At this pace we'll end the year with only 3,000 of your comments on our site.

His point is correct. BPR's comments are no more over the top than mine or anyone elses who have been moderated. However, there are others here whose comments are over the top. In getting moderated, we have all learned that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Progressives readers were "offended", well they are not your only "customers". And you do show bias, that is without a doubt, the truth.

Nope that is not the truth unless you have statistics to prove it, otherwise it is just your opinion.

See who's playing the "victim card" now. It's two "oppressed" white men. The heart breaks.

Definitely right there, Itsa. BPR/Sail's posts are no more over the top than yours.

Boy, I miss the "thumbs up" button.

there never was a thumbs down button..only thumbs up if I recall correctly

Oh Lordy, do you mean to say all these comments I read of yours are liberal?

you have stated you do not read those comments - that is obvious or you would be more educated

Well, no one can ever accuse you of low self esteem.

Well perhaps if you had some you would not be so in favor of people holding their hands out and palms up!

If that were true, no reader would have ever seen a single comment from you.

I've been censored and suspended and I ain't no Conservative.

Yup been there myself several times, and still fall victim regularly. I just can't stop commenting on stupidity and there are only so many ways to be subtle. I don't mean opinions that I find stupid, I am talking about the underlying logic. I regularly read all of PBR's links and am constantly amazed at how many articles and sites he must scroll past before he finds one that he agrees with. Since it's on the internet it has to be true, right?

LOL Same here and I'm not a Conservative either!

I got bounced once too, and I don't think anyone could accuse me of being a conservative

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