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Letter: Better gun control needed

Two articles in the May 15 edition of the Concord Monitor point out the ever-increasing need for better gun control.

One is about gun groups circumventing the weak laws we already have by buying gun parts that are not controlled in any way and putting together assault rifles, many of which are used in killings and crimes.

The other relates to the killing of the police officer in Brentwood, where a mentally handicapped man was allowed access to guns and shot the officer investigating. We, of course, should have laws that prevent access to guns for those people. It is more important than ever to vote for people that want sanity for gun control and not allow the NRA and gun nuts to intimidate out politicians. Kelly Ayotte is a perfect example.



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I'm a duck and migratory game bird hunter. I have to plug my shotgun so it only hold three rounds. Ostensibly this is to protect the ducks. We can't do the same for our children by banning high capacity magazines? If you can't kill what you're shooting at with seven rounds, perhaps you should consider a different hobby.

Although Mr. Evans I'm certain was intending to be well informed, I would encourage him to fully understand the laws, the reasons behind the laws, and the terms in which he uses to create his argument. From what is known (legal and/or technical definitions): Assault rifle=fully automatic, actual military rifle Assault weapon=semi automatic rifle; cosmetically similar, but function is limited to one bullet fired per trigger squeeze. High-powered rifle; usually an AR15 is considered a medium powered rifle, as it's actually quite low in the lineup of cartridges. High capacity=a quantity in which is greater than what came stock/standard. A 30 round magazine is standard capacity for most AR15 rifles. So in retrospect, a 15rd "standard" pistol magazine would consider a 30rd "high capacity", where as a 10 or 20 round magazine for the AR15 would be low and medium capacity, retrospectively. Loophole=circumventing the law completely. This term is a favorite of mine. People abuse it, (myself included), as they try to create an instance that may not exist. Following the law in an alternate manner is not a loophole, especially if that's the way the law was written.

Please consider; trying to "ban guns or parts" will have the same result that banning alcohol and drugs - just creates a black market where serial numbers are not even considered. Seriously - look what happened with booze - bootleggers and racketeers sprang up all over. Weapons and parts go from thing that can be controlled (even if imperfectly) to something w/o any control. Is this really what you are prepared to start? Believe me if you ban - you will start or inflame this inevitable course of events. It will be on your head.

I have learned that what the ATF states as facts isn't always the case. There is without doubt political leanings behind every word they say. It is unfortunate that we can't simply have an ATF that operates in an unbiased way, using just the facts. Case in point is the news story the letter writer is responding to. In the story the ATF claims that all sorts of AR-15 rifles are being made which they have no control of. This might be true, but if so then it is a case (another case) of a Government unable to function as intended. AR-15s built from parts require a lower receiver, the casting that a trigger is installed in, along with the safety, and forward of these the hole the magazine is inserted in to the finished gun through. Every lower receiver is required by a Federal law to be serial numbered, it is subject to the same regulations a finished gun is. Background check included. If the ATF has issues figuring out information and stats on home built ARs, then it is simply their own failure (what a surprise) They already have the information needed. New laws won't fix ATFs chronic, systematic failures within.

Not true. Not true at all. One can buy what I believe is called an unfinished lower or a lower receiver blank which has NO serial number and requires very little in the line of tools only basic shop skills. With the appropriate add-ons including upper assembly & trigger group you can put together a perfectly functional AR15 that is completely under the radar. Neither ATF nor any other agency will ever know how many exist or where until it's too late.

Every unfinished lower receiver I have ever seen was serial numbered. Subject to the same laws and requirements as a firearm. Not sure where one buys a non serial numbered, unfinished lower receiver, but it's not something you'll find for sale from a licensed firearms dealer.

For $50.00 you can buy what is called an 80% receiver that doesn't need registration, has no serial number and is untraceable. It requires some basic machining skill and access to to a milling machine, a dremil and a drill press. Add the non firearm parts and you are done. They even include instructions, see - An AK47 is even easier, you need to bend a flat piece of metal and drill some holes from a template add the legal pieces and voila you have broken no laws and have a semi automatic weapon. If you are of a mind you can drill an additional 2 holes and get a fully automatic one. However the penalties and fines make that a stupid move. We are a country that believes in the letter of the law not the spirit of it. But thanks to free enterprise the AK parts kits I could once get for about $90.00 now cost about $400 if you can find them, not that I have ever built more than a dozen or so. However mine are all registered. Not a gun nut, they were just a passing hobby. I like to think of myself as the rights worst nightmare - an armed liberal. Now if my wife would ever let me shoot one. Seriously, it really shouldn't be this easy in this day an age to build a military grade weapon. Oh, it gets better, for a fee of $200 to the BATF for a tax stamp, you have yourself a fully automatic weapon with a silencer. Just what every hunter needs.

Although most of your post was correct, I'd like to add that if you wanted a class 3 firearm (Full auto), the cost to purchase one made before May of 86 is about $20,000. The Suppressor, would be a second tax stamp, i.e. you have one for your full auto, and one for your suppressor. The BATFE strongly suggests adding a serial number to your 80% lower, as it would not be traceable if lost or stolen. Since legally "registration" is against the law (I can't recall the exact term, but the BATFE actually spells it out), there's no "need" to have it registered. Just like building anything else on your own, it can be a rewarding, and satisfying experience.

can anyone name a person killed by a gun created out of purchased parts.

Let's see, nope can't think of one where that data was collected. However, virtually all AK-47's,actually AKM's that are semi automatic, are put together from parts kits with a minimum of 5 US made parts. So chances are very good that many have been. FYI, I could be mistaken but the Saiga AK clone is the only rifle imported fully intact.

Nope but I can name thousands killed by guns.

I can name thousands killed because they didnt have one

I wish you would.

And I can name thousands killed by cars too . . . what does that prove?

guns don't kill people - People do.

You are right, crazy people allowed guns kill people.

Tille, The resident in the WH does not want to cast all muslims as sociopathic killers because cuse of a few - but why does this adm want us to do the same for a small number of loonies who get a hold of weapons?

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