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Letter: You can’t trust Scott Brown

Scott Brown’s lobbying efforts to kill the bipartisan Shaheen-Portman Energy bill in the U.S. Senate this week proves beyond any doubt that he has no idea what is important to New Hampshire families.

The man is calculating and will play politics when it suits his interests, no matter the cost to the New Hampshire families and businesses.

Just last week, while speaking at a hedge fund conference in Las Vegas, Brown criticized the dysfunction in Washington just days after lobbying to bring about more gridlock. This is one of many examples as to why Granite State voters cannot trust Brown.

Clearly, Brown has come to New Hampshire to get himself back into the Senate, not to represent our interests.

Indeed, the Shaheen-Portman Energy Efficiency bill was widely supported here because it would have created jobs and significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen spent years building a consensus around this bill, reaching across the aisle to garner bipartisan support and incorporating smart, cost-effective reforms. She proved herself to be an advocate for our environment and for our state.

Come November, let’s remember that Scott Brown is in this for Scott Brown, not for New Hampshire.



Legacy Comments1

I challenge there is any truth at all to the leftist created slander that Brown lobbied anyone. The truth in the defeat of the legislation once again is that 100% of the blame lies at the feet of Tyrant democrat leader Harry Reid. Reid promised debate on amendments as has always been Senate tradition- HE LIED as usual

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