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Letter: The venison alternative

I found much to react to in Sunday’s Monitor. First, Clyde Morgan’s letter had me shaking my head in disbelief, so I did some research. A quick look at revealed that, of the dozen most contaminated foods, only two are animal-based.

According to, in the past 37 years we’ve had 13 major food contamination incidents in the United States. Of those, only four were attributed to meat. Two more were the fault of dairy products. The culprit for the majority of cases? Vegetables.

Like Morgan, I too have an aversion to Big Meat. This Memorial Day weekend my family, friends and I dined on smoked trout and grilled venison – the free-range, locally sourced variety.

Which brings me to Katy Burns’s column concerning her battle to protect her precious hostas from her hooved neighbors.

Contrary to what she posited, you’d be surprised how small a parcel of land bow hunters can effectively hunt on. Given that most of us won’t loose an arrow at anything over 30 yards away, archers can efficiently hunt land that would be off-limits to gun hunters.

And since the majority of bow hunters use tree stands, our arrows are shot at a downward angle, coming to rest on the forest floor. So Katy, if you want some help with your hosta-loving friends, give me a call. I’ll gladly share some locally sourced venison with you as a token of my appreciation.



(Editor’s note: Letter writer Clyde Morgan misrepresented his address. He is not a resident of New Hampshire.)

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Thanks for letting us know that Clyde misrepresented his address, not like I'm surprised.

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