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Letter: What are Brown’s priorities?

Last month, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Sen. Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican, sponsored an energy efficiency bill that was slated to be voted on in Congress. This bipartisan bill would have created nearly 200,000 jobs and saved taxpayers more than $16 billion. Shaheen-Portman would have been a clear win for workers, businesses and the environment.

Ignoring the numerous benefits of this legislation to New Hampshire, Scott Brown decided that Big Oil interests were more important to him. Days before the vote, he called his former Republican colleagues, urging them to vote against the bill. It never even came to a vote.

So, Republicans, are you serious about creating jobs or not? Scott Brown seems conflicted between his rhetoric and the wealthy-carbon-baron sponsors of his campaign.

Shaheen believes she answers to the people of New Hampshire.



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It must be so humiliating to democrats to know that an unelected citizen can totally upend the legislative process. Then again the truth lies elsewhere because Brown had ZERO to do with it and their own Gridlock Harry Reid killed the deal by lying about Keystone debate. That truth is even more humiliating for them as they now have to lie about one of their own causing the defeat.

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