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Letter: Garcia ignored constituents

The situation with state Rep. Marilinda Garcia of Salem exemplifies the frustration Americans have with our representatives.

Despite a whopping 80 percent of the Salem voters in favor of a casino at Rockingham Park, Garcia inexplicably voted against it.

As we know, a two-casino vote lost in the New Hampshire House by one vote. Their job is to represent us, not ignore the majority and cast votes based on their personal bias, or blindly along party lines, or the wishes of wealthy campaign donors, or the wishes of special interest groups.

Here was yet another chance for jobs, income for the state and progress. New Hampshire remains in the dark ages, resistant to join the rest of the country, heaping most of the costs on the homeowner with an unbelievably archaic tax system.



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To Mr. Currie, Since we all can't go to the House to vote on issues, we elect representatives to go and represent us. It is condescending to say they know better than us and vote in "our best interests" despite going against 80% of the adult voting population of Salem! You have the right to your opinion against casinos, as does the meager 20% who agree with you. I can see voting my conscience if my constituency was 50-50. But with this overwhelming 80% "my conscience" would bother me more blatently voting against the very people I am supposed to represent! Bottom line here: 80%

You may also want to check this out...On the first two votes on casinos Marilinda walked OUT of Representatives Hall prior to the vote being called so she could not vote. That is TWICE she avoided doing what her constituents wanted her to do. If you don't want to do the job, get out of office.

80%? I expect my representatives to vote their conscience, and vote in what they consider the best interests of their constituents. Sometimes the majority is wrong on an issue; I think that's the case here. Gambling revenue would be a short term fix, and likely create as many problems as it solves. It's also a regressive form of revenue, tending to attract more blue collar and lower middle class members who are hoping, in the back of their minds, to score a big payday. Casinos are chasing a limited dollar stream, and as more are built, will rapidly reach a point of diminishing returns. New Hampshire doesn't need them.

our form of govt is based on protecting the minority rights as opposed to a referendum philosophy where we go 100% the way the majority wishes. If one treats a casino as a revenue issue instead of a recreation issue they have lost the argument. If you want to raise taxes do it. NH has massive amount of revenue to run the state - democrats have doubled the budget just since Shaheen.

If you feel that way, why are you always give poll numbers? A majority of people are sick of hearing in the news every day of another mass shooting, but the minority (nra) wants guns everywhere. Wonder how many of these Republican politicians that were catering to Bundy will be showing up at the funeral of the two police officers that were killed by his followers?

less than 1% of deaths are from Guns - so as usual the liberal progressive socialist democrats inflate the issue to make political hay day - shame on them.

Your democrat party used the nuclear option to end the filibuster that is 100% against the interests of minorities - you are one to speak - hypocrite

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