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Letter: The Hassan-Havenstein divide

It was with a sigh of relief that I read that Gov. Maggie Hassan was once again able to bring people together and reach a commonsense and responsible agreement on the Medicaid Enhancement Tax issue. Thanks to Hassan’s leadership, the MET deal will not only bring stability to the state’s budget but also protect critical health services for our families and friends.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed to hear gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein trash this compromise deal. My frustration wasn’t just with Havenstein’s political game playing with crucial budget negotiations, but with his utter cluelessness on the issues that matter to our state. This lack of knowledge and interest is destructive to our state.

Havenstein’s attacks make painfully clear that when he was still living in Maryland as recently as 2011, he was paying no attention to our Granite State. If he had, surely he would’ve realized that Bill O’Brien’s far-right legislature created the MET fiscal crisis in the first place. Specifically, when O’Brien put in place drastic cuts to our state’s hospitals as part of his radical agenda.

Maybe it’s because Havenstein seems to be unaware of the devastating consequences of the O’Brien legislature that he went so far as to propose from that same old O’Brien playbook to solve the MET issue and ax crucial state programs to settle the issue.

I thank Gov. Hassan, again, for her leadership on this issue by creating stability in the state’s budget while still protecting critical health program’s for New Hampshire’s families.



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democrats have raised the federal debt from 10 trillion to $$$$$ 17 TRILLION just under NObama. Democrats in NH have doubled the state budget just since Shaheen was elected. At what point do democrats realize there is NO MORE MONEY. Transferring the cost of MET from one entity to another makes it go away.... liberals .....sheeeeesh the most un-American bunch ever

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