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Letter: Obamacare is a success

The Affordable Care Act is working in New Hampshire.

Despite the political ads on WMUR or the negative letters to the editors, thousands and thousands of New Hampshire citizens are better off now.

For example, the Part A Trust Fund of Medicare is fully funded until 2026 instead of 2016. Seniors in the “doughnut hole” have been saving money on prescriptions since 2010. Medicare is better off, and seniors should be cheering.

If you are a young adult and presently being insured under your parents’ policy because of the ACA, you are better off. Obamacare is giving you a chance to adjust to the work world.

If you have been sick and no longer have to worry about pre-existing conditions, you are better off now.

If you are among the working poor who are eligible for insurance in New Hampshire under Medicaid, you are better off now. You have a chance at early detection and all the other benefits of good health care.

I take the opportunity to talk to relatives and friends about health care. The answer that I am getting most often is that we have better coverage at a lower price because of Obamacare. Some of them are really surprised.

We need to thank Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Rep. Carol Shea-Porter for sticking their political necks out for us. They need to know that we are thankful.



Legacy Comments4

That is quite a statement about 90% of the tax cuts going to the rich Walter. Maybe you can back up those figures for us, and tell us what % the tax cuts were, and what else was included in those cuts, like doubling the child credit etc. Or are we to take you at your word?

TAX TAX TAX TAX. even a 5th grader can run the country taxing us to death and running up the credit card. to think that magically NObama and the democrats are going to insure everybody, do it for less money and without adding even 1 doctor takes a willing suspension of disbelief. This NObamaKare is a 100% tax and wealth transfer gimmick that will cost us trillions and has already been proven to insure only a few new people. One has to be a LIDV to think this scandal is working.

Truly, BPR, you need to turn in your old hag horse and find a new steed, the 'tax' issue has been beaten by the right until it doesn't run anymore. As DIck Cheney said: 'Reagan proved deficits don't matter!!' as he pushed through a $1.35Trillion expansion on the National Debt. How did all those do-gooder Republicans think they were going to pay for it?? Oh, and by the way, did you happen to notice how the rich took advantage of those 'Bush Tax Cuts' and how the middle class paid for it?? Oh, wait, you are part of the 'right' so you are happy your rich buddies go way more than their fair share (in fact, they got 90% of it-you must be soo proud!)

Walters comment is simply another LIDV that believes the liberal rhetoric. Sorry Walter - Everybody got a TAX CUT and the lower incomes had a greater percentage decrease and it stimulated the economy tremendously. How did that $$$ 1 Trillion NObama Bucks do stimulating the economy - Bush gives you back your money to spend as you see fit. Democrats TAKE YOUR MONEY AND SPEND IT AS THEY SEE FIT - CRONY CAPITALISM, Liberals .....sheeeeesh

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