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Letter: Same old, same old

In an era when the establishment, old-boy Republicans across the country are pretending they are anything but, here in New Hampshire I guess they haven’t gotten the message.

I must admit, I was genuinely surprised at the lineup of backers at the kickoff of Walt Havenstein’s campaign for his party’s nomination for governor. Talk about same old, same old! Is this the image they really want to portray in 2014?

There was Chuck Morse, Jeb Bradley, Steve Merrill, Craig Benson, Frank Guinta, Tom Eaton and Chris Sununu, among others. It’s all about power, their power. And their wannabe power.

No doubt Eaton, with whom I served in the state Senate more than 10 years ago, sees Havenstein as his ticket back into some position of alleged importance in Concord.

After all, Eaton has run unsuccessfully for his old seat again and again and finally gave up, but the hunger for something in Concord remains, apparently!

Now is his chance, I guess, and it looks like he is trying to hitch his dilapidated wagon to the guy from Maryland who wants to be governor of New Hampshire.

And Chris Christie is coming to anoint their chosen one? Like that’s going to help instill confidence? Is this election about old, white, establishment, institutional Republicans (all men, I might add) getting back the power they crave, or is it about how we move into the future?


New Castle

Legacy Comments8

The democrats are the party of hyper-rich, white, lawyers. Look at Mr. Innis, Ms. Garcia, and Ms. Testerman! There is more diversity there, than in the whole NH Democratic ticket.

You used diversity and Ms. Testerman in the same paragraph, You were kidding right? The spokeswomen for the Timothy McVeigh fan club, and you criticize the democrats, that's really rich.

I believe he was referencing the racial diversity among NH GOP candidates. But feel free to counter with your own evidence of NH's racial diverse Democratic candidates . . .

Maybe Burt you can explain why your party always makes a point of using skin color when describing Reps. And I also thought that using the term old is age discrimination. It is disturbing when we have come so far in trying to make judgements about people based on who they are as opposed to their skin color or age.

AGE! AGE! You can say that after Karl Rove's put down of Hillary. Not to mention the age cracks I have gotten on these pages from Itsa and the rest of the righties here.. I am not sure of their gender but I am pretty sure they are mostly men so it isn't just age discrimination is also sex. So when you see any remarks about that "old lady from Epsom" you can be sure the mean me.

Well Tillie, I seem to recall the Dems making a huge issue about Dole's age and his health. Remember all the chatter from the left about Dole always holding a pen in his injured hand. Then we had McCain's health questioned. Every candidate for Pres should come forward with their health records. Age is a factor if you consider the worries the left had about Reagan being too old. So HC should get a pass because she is a female? I suppose so if your a Dem. After all, the same tactic is used in regards to President Obama from the left. His policies should not be judged right because if they are the race card will be played. If HC runs, which I believe she will not, the left will use the fact that she is a woman to shield her from everything. Rules will have to be change for her, debates will have new rules, and the list goes on. Women want to be equal, yet the playing field they want to be on has to be changed to accomadate them. Well, if in fact you are equal, then the rules do not have to be change for ya.

Couldn't really follow your points in this post. It seems to wander all over the place. I really don't remember the left chattering about Dole's left hand. This was his third run for the White House and his war history and injuries were well known. I know many Republicans felt he had been around too long and his chances were over and he was too moderate for the Newt wing of the party. Poor Sen Dole, he really doesn't belong in the Republican party any more, He just compromised too much and passed too much legislation. The new Republicans in congress are so proud of doing nothing but obstructing progress.

sour grape letter - proof again there is not a statesman left in the democrat party

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