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Letter: Guinta should check facts

To kick off his so-called “Middle-Class Economic Recovery Tour,” former Congressman Frank Guinta released a statement bewailing the “toxic mix of overspending, overregulating and underappreciating the American worker.”

Not true. Underappreciating the American worker? It’s Guinta doing the underappreciating. He voted against raising the minimum wage while in the New Hampshire House, and ducked recently when asked for his current position. If he’s against it, be honest.

Overspending? Please. According to the Wall Street Journal, “federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since Dwight Eisenhower brought the Korean War to an end in the 1950s.”

Spending rose faster under every recent president, including Ronald Reagan. Federal spending has flattened under President Obama to an annualized rate of just .4 percent.

Overregulating? Not responsible for job losses. Bruce Bartlett, senior policy advisor in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, says government “overregulation” is “a canard invented by Republicans.” Statistics (Bureau of Labor Statistics) show that lack of demand impedes hiring, not government regulation.

The latest (2012) statistics are 36 percent for lack of demand and 3 percent for regulation.

Guinta should stop spouting outdated talking points and check the facts.



Legacy Comments4

The only one pushing myths here is you gdn 1. That is what Progressives do. It is all or nothing with them. They never manage to go in the middle when addressing any issue. The idea that the right wants our waters polluted is insane. Course we hear these talking points in regards to everything. reps want slave labor, dirty water and women dying in the street from botched abortions. When Clinton reformed welfare, women and children would be going hungry. Just the opposite happened it worked. The scare tactics do not work anymore.

"In their Ten Thousand Commandments 2012 report which was released in June, the CEI estimates the cost of US government regulation at $US 1.75 TRILLION. That is just under half (48 percent) of the budget of the federal government. It is almost ten times the total of all corporate taxes collected and almost double the total collected from individual income taxes. It is also one-third higher than the total of all pre-tax corporate profits. It is the hidden cost of doing business in an interventionist economy. The fact that the cost of complying with these regulations is substantially higher than the total of corporate profits is a stark illustration of the end result of economic intervention. "

The Competetive Enterprise Institue is an ultra right wing, Washington think tank that for example would lift regulations on polluting our waterways if it could do so. To put forth hyperbole estimates originating with this cheese ball group as some sort of standing, established fact is really pushing the limits of reality. You have scored no points here with your usual sophistry-laced comments.

No, it is NOT an "ultra right" think tank. They stand for free enterprise and smaller government. The hyperbole is your suggestion that they would "life regulations on polluting our waterways if it could do so". You have no proof that they would "do so". That is your political, pro regulation stance.

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