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Letter: Generalizations about Republicans are repugnant

It is troubling that certain contributors to the Monitor choose to state that Republicans are opposed to rescuing captured American troops. To even suggest this is repugnant. No true-blooded American holds such a belief.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte is attempting to find out exactly what transpired from beginning to end. Is it asking too much from the King’s administration to simply follow the law, inform Congress of the situation and get on with solving the issue? To circumvent the rules always opens up a can of worms.



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Why did it take 5 years to release him? Why would they kill him? If they did they would get nothing in return. You have no clue what went down Gracchus. You also have no clue if a better deal could have been made. And you also have no clue about his health, Last I heard he had gum disease and a few issues in regard to nutrition. The issue is not about if we should have tried to free him, of course we should have tried to get him released. The issue is the deal that was made, why it was made now, and if in fact a better deal could have been made,

QUESTION - why it was made now .... ANSWER - wag the dog 100%

Could a better deal have been made? We will never, ever know that and anyone who says they know there could have been a better deal is delusional. Unless a "better deal" had been presented and accepted, there's no proof either way.

Rabbit...you always shift the subject to you own warped direction. The letter was about Sen. Ayotte. Amazing how quickly her attitude shifted after the NRP controllers told all the Senators and Congressmen to bash President Obama. Why they keep bashing the President...must be because he is black or could it be because he is the most intelligent President in 40 years??

97% of doctors and scientists agree that chronic marijuana use in adolescence is harmful....it shows


The subject was Ayotte's support of the release. Again, nobody wants any soldier left behind, even if he happens to be a deserter. I notice you have no desire to discuss the deal made. Instead you go back to race yet again. You folks are getting pretty transparent. When you cannot discuss the issue, you revert to race. But then again, you have no choice, because if you discussed any issue honestly, you could not avoid all the screw ups. If your going to make excuses, at least get creative. Your sounding like the IRS now. Lerner's emails are lost. Or the kid who states the dog ate my homework. Lame and very dishonest.

Perhaps a statement from Sen. Ayotte's own word processor is in order: "...DoD must redouble its efforts to find Sergeant Bergdahl and return him safely to his family. Our men and women in uniform must know that if they are captured by the enemy, our nation will not rest until they are rescued." When the president did just that (apparently in the face of a short deadline from the taliban) his political opponents got their political backs up.

more revisionist history from the liberal wing

Revisionist, my eye! Taken from Sen.Ayotte's own website (1/14/2014). Isn't it time you just stop making things up? Really now!

" a short deadline " - you liberals believe anything NObama tells ya - FACT - over 90 people in the administration knew of the trade - Fact - Prisoners at Gitmo and the military knew of the trade - this was nothing but a wag the dog to get the VA off the headlines - but your revisionist history is a good fable

Note to Sail/BPR: Look up the word "revisionist" before you use it next time. The only ones "revising" history on the topic of Bergdahl are those who were for his release before they were against it, Ayotte prominently among them, as Gracchus notes.

Note to Bruce Currie/BES/Josiah Bartlett/Miriam/Kingston: What is your fascination with everyone's identity? "Sail?BPR"You constantly do this, if you don't like it done to you, stop doing it to other people. Knock it off and if you can't respond without demeaning others then maybe you should not respond. Geeesch. Grow up.

NObama cant control the debt , cant control the deficit cant control the borders and cant keep the most ruthless prisoners behind bars... & he has a "pen and phone" to ruin our constitution. A president is elected for just a short period of time in the scope of our nation and his job is to be a custodian of the constitution - NOT to remake it in his own vision of utopia.

Good one! But inquiring minds want to know: did you write this yourself or cut-n-paste it from some far-right ( and is fact-free an oxymoron here?) jeremiad?

google it to find out

As opposed to? Your cut and paste from far Left vituperation?

There is a difference between cutting and pasting and then doing what PBR does - which is just plain making stuff up. Not even very creatively.

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