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Letter: No more ‘Beetle Bailey’

In recent years, when the Monitor has revamped its comics page lineup, I have written to encourage the editor and publisher to consider retiring Beetle Bailey and the other residents of Camp Swampy: the alcoholic general; the physically and verbally abusive sergeant; the sexual harasser, Killer; his target, the buxom Miss Buxley; and the rest.

The 70th anniversary of D-Day provided another opportunity to see why the work of the late Charles Schulz deserves to continue in reruns, and the new – but stale – work of Mort and Greg Walker deserves to be dropped. The June 6 Peanuts strip finds Snoopy in the surf at Omaha Beach, with a simple caption: June 6, 1944 “to remember.” Meanwhile, at Camp Swampy, the theme is Beetle being lazy and Sarge cursing him.

Haven’t we had enough of these antics? Can’t you let these old (since 1950!) soldiers just fade away?



Legacy Comments4

I NEVER read the comics. But after this letter, I'm gonna start reading Beetle Bailey, if only to upset the politically correct crowd.

There are lots of sites you can go to but this one is the best for Beetle Bailey fans:

Do as you will with Beetle Bailey, but please keep Miss Buxley.

Keep Beetle Bailey! If you're so uptight you can't chuckle at anything, you need to change your meds.

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