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Letter: Immigration system abused

We can blame the mess in the Middle East on the Republicans, and we must blame the Democrats for the illegal immigrant mess in the Southwest.

There were no weapons of mass destruction found way back when this mess started in Iraq, and there should be no “status” for any illegal immigrant, no matter your age nor reason for being here.

We need to remove all incentive for getting here at any and all costs. If you are here illegally, you get nothing. Zero.

Currently, this most recent debacle involving children by the hundreds, has these supposedly “poor people” spending thousands of dollars to be transported to the Mexican border where they are placed on rubber rafts and sent across the Rio Grande.

Before you reach for your xenophobia bat, this has nothing to do with dislike of immigrants nor fear of them. It has to do with all who thumb their noses at our “system.” The immigration system currently in place was intended to maintain a balance between all nationalities. By 2050, it is reported that one-third of our population will be Latino. That does not point to a broken system that needs fixing. That points to an abused system.



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To Jim below: I can't disagree with anything you write. You left out NO AMNESTY for those who already have broken our laws. They can stay and work on a green card for limited time but they can't become citizens. Regardless if they pay taxes. You could not sneak into Mexico and work without being arrested and jailed or deported. One thing on companies, however, you should not fine them if the employee defrauds them with counterfeit documents, that happens a lot. I also want you to know that identity theft is a huge part of the problem as well. Working with a dead persons ID or a living persons ID. I have first hand experience with hiring all nationalities and most of the ones that we come across here illegally, get reported. The government does not go after them. More than that, though, they often give some pretty valid looking documentation and when we call in SS #'s you find that they are cleared, but, later on you learn that it was fake.

Immigration Reform (Democrat definition)-To flood our country with as many immigrants as possible, to grant amnesty and increase Democrat voter rolls. A Democrat voter registration drive. Immigration Reform (Republican definition)- To flood our country with as many immigrants as possible to grant amnesty and provide low wage workers so that crony capitalists can make more profit. Immigration Reform (Real American definition-To find out who is here illegally and to determine if we allow them to stay and work here with no path to citizenship, to strengthen our borders, to hold corporations responsible for hiring illegal aliens and to strengthen and enforce the laws on the books already. To protect our national sovereignty and to stop illegal immigration. To return to a system where we have balanced ethnic immigration.

Now it is being reported that these illegals are arriving at Hanscom AFB in Massachusetts. No one is revealing whether they are being held in housing or released into the general public. To Republicans this is a threat to our sovereignty and a failure of this administration to enforce our existing immigration laws. Tepublicanso Democrats this is an opportunity to make a statement about immigration reform. However, Democrats also see immigration reform as a voter registration drive. When the two parties talk about immigration reform, they are speaking two languages. Republicans want to control the flow of illegal immigrants, Democrats want to increase the flow and increase their voter ranks. Anyone who cannot see that is in denial. If we had built the fence that was funded and approved and if we had enforced existing law, this would not be a dilemma.

Itsa – you do remember the last and only AMNESTY program came from Ronald Reagan, a Republican in 1986. I believe this administration has deported more illegals than any other. BUT, we don't need to waste money on a fence - enforce the laws on the books, deny school entry without birth certificates and SS card, and start fining companies $300/day/employee for each day they hire an "illegal" alien. Remove the incentive to come here and most of the problem is solved. A big part of the problem is private business loves the illegals as they can be exploited… We don’t need to spend hundreds of $billions chasing them – just remove the incentive. ……..As far as the criminals, they will come regardless.

I suggest you tell President Obama to remove the incentive to come here. He pretty much is giving the message right out of West Side Story. Everything Is Free In America! He stated that fences and border patrols will not work. Dems are only eager to legalize millions of illegal aliens and have no desire to stop the flow of them coming over. The attitude of the left is defeat. Talk about what we can't do instead of what we can do. Look at the timing of these kids coming here. Mexico is helping them, big bucks in transporting these poor kids. Dems will never enforce laws in regards to illegal immigrants That is why we have sanction states. And they want the votes, period.

Most illegal immigrants working here are hired by small businesses with poor hiring or no existent hiring policies, no background checks, no employee files with validated identity from reputable sources like Lexis Nexis.

Surprise! Lets hand off all these kids that President Obama pretty much told to come here, to the states to deal with. We can afford to fly them to states, but cannot afford to fly them back from where they came. You know how it works, once they are here you cannot send them back. it would be cruel. That is how the Dems thinks. I called this human trafficking. I thought that was against the law.

NObama cant or wont protect our borders. NObama cant or wont do anything about raising the debt from 10 Trillion to $$$$ 17 TRILLION, NObama wont do anything about the annual deficit even though he has taken in the largest haul of taxes in history. A president is elected for a short period of time to be the curator of the Constitution. Seems he cant do that either - We need to rid America of this failure.

Dear moderator, please find a new place, labelled perhaps "Fiction & Fantasy" for nonsense like this from BestPres. Federal income tax collections are at the lowest percentage of GDP since the early years of the Eisenhower administration. But then why would anybody expect any better from this character?

Dear readers HEADLINE : "The US Government Collects More Taxes Than It Ever Has:Why Does Obama Want More?"This year the US government will collect more taxes then it has ever collected in its history: over $2.7 trillion. Now considering that we have the lowest employment participation rate on record - ask gracchus where the record tax $$$$ come from .....liberals sheeeeesh...

Clearly, pre-Common Core education has failed to teach somebody the difference between number of dollars and percent of GDP. Federal tax receipts from all sources in 2013 were 16.7% of GDP. In the past 63 years only 1965 (LBJ's Viet Nam war deficit), 1976, 2003-2004 (combination of growth from 2001 recession and Bush tax cuts) and (President Obama's 2009-2012) have been lower. Otis Redding said. "Try a little tenderness." You ought to try a little history.

"CBO: Federal Revenue to Set Record in 2013" liberals ....sheeesh

BPR - ""cant or wont protect our borders"". You do remember that the LAST and ONLY AMNESTY was granted by your beloved idol Ronald Regan in 1986.

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