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Letter: More madness on Main Street

So Mayor Jim Bouley wants to hear from the community about the Main Street Madness project. Really, Mr. Mayor? What has caused this incredible epiphany? From Day One there have been numerous critics of the proposed plan that would create a traffic nightmare and turn Main Street into clutter-ville.

The time has come to realize the grandiose plans will do more harm than good and start all over again. This time, however, with adequate participation from Main Street stakeholders and actually listening to their concerns rather than giving them lip service. There will be ample opportunity to apply for a new grant to facilitate modest improvements to Main Street.

On too many city projects there is never time to get it right but always time to do it over at the expense to the taxpayers.

On a parking-related matter, if the Main Street Madness project goes through, wouldn’t it make more sense to complete a parking study after you have devastated downtown parking rather than before?



Legacy Comments2

The city shouldn't be ramming anything down our throats. Not the retailers' throats, and certainly not those of the good citizens of our fair city. Same treatment for the Loudon Road debacle. These two reconstruction plans should be bound to a public referendum; each being far too expensive, and exceedingly permanent, to proceed with a mere show of hands from the smattering crowd. The official scorer's line should read E-M and E-CC, because both the Mayor, and the City Council, have dropped the ball on this play.

Bob, I don't often agree with you, but on this issue I believe you are spot on. I think the people of Concord and environs have spoken loud and clear.

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