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Letter: The Iraq quagmire

It is little satisfaction, but those of us who opposed the U.S. occupation of Iraq predicted exactly what is happening now.

We said that however we prolong the occupation, whatever we expend of our treasure and our treasured service personnel, when we leave, the inter-sectarian antipathy inherent in the Iraqi population will erupt and tear the country apart.

Now, roughly a trillion dollars and 4,000 U.S. lives later, exactly that is coming to pass.

What do we learn from this catastrophic mistake? When will we ever learn?



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your question: What do we learn from this catastrophic mistake? - we learned that nanny state liberals have ruined the military - we no longer win wars we just participate in them...... think of the bombing of Nuremberg in WW2 - that is how you win wars - not the namby pamby liberal way...... liberals have made the military a social experiment and it has failed

Spoken as only a know-nothing can! Sooner or later the bombs stop falling, then what do you suggest? Perhaps you would like to take back your reference to Nuremberg and change to Hiroshima. If you think we didn't win the war in Iraq, you are delusional. The problem is that after winning the war, we proceeded to lose the peace.

Perhaps you missed the memo, but we've not had a real victory since WWII. Which happens to coincide with the last time we faced a traditional enemy. No offense to Gulf War veterans meant, but that was a different beast. What we are fighting in the "middle east" is the worst of all evils - a war based upon religious views. These are not the ones that you win in a war. A liberal state has nothing to do with it. Americans don't understand a people that place their beliefs above the importance of their own life. Our views on religion usually revolve around a few hours on each Sunday. We place much more importance on placing blame.

false - when soldiers in the field have to get permission from Tampa FL command center to fire when the enemy in in their sites - has nothing to do wih religion

30 years ago a carreer Navy man who I know well, and who is one who will talk as openly and honestly as he possibly can, told me that the next big war would be in the Middle East. He said, simply put, that while the average person over there is really no different than anyone else is and wants the same things the average person wants, that there was a large population of religious fundamentalists over there. He simplified it by explaining that what he meant was members of faiths that were following the ancient laws of their faith, and those laws required them to kill anyone and everyone who was not in line with the law. He told me there was no talking or negotiating with them, period, and the free world would sooner or later have to deal with these animals. So, while I too, dislike everything about this situation we are in, and gave been since 9-11, I also think ignoring these "people" and thinking we can all live together happily, is a grave error in judgement. Sooner or later, all of you are going to have to decide.

Quagmire? Democrats favorite word. I think that also applies to Obamacare and how much that is going to cost. To provide health care to a small group of Americans it is going to cost over $1 Trillion and as Republicans rightly predicted, it will not work. Kind of similar to what this letter writer suggests.

The letter is about Iraq. Not health care. If you want to discuss healthcare, write a letter instead of hijacking the topic of what others take the time to write in about.

I am practicing what you progressives practice. Don't like the topic, change it or don't like the criticism of Obama, blame Bush. Glad it irks you.

Off topic much. While I know I should ignore the post, and not feed the trolls, I can't resist. Our healthcare system BEFORE Obamacare was the most costly in the world--and left millions with substandard care to boot. Obamacare--still a Republican idea that they were for before they were against, is a start at developing a more rational and efficient system. Too much money was being spent on healthcare before Obamacare--thank you insurance companies. It remains to be seen how effective the ACA cost containment measures will be. If the insurance companies have anything to say about it --not much in the long run. But the ACA is still the first real effort at reforming our broken system in decades.

Ok genius. Are you aware that emergency room usage is up and waits are longer due to Medicaid expansion? Premiums of those paying for others (me, perhaps you but I doubt it) are up. Our deductibles are being raised and our prescriptions are more expensive. I guess that is "affordable" in your world. 280,000,000 people who liked their insurance and coverage are being impacted to serve less than 20,000,000 people...paying more, getting less. Talk about "broken".

Stop making sense Bruce. It annoys them so....

So let's see, by your own admission. It's better to spend $1 trillion and have 4000 casualties on a "war" with no end - rather than spend the money on healthcare for Americans? Talk about a warped sense of values. The New American Values

Mike, you are so right on this!

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