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Letter: Vote them out

Holding politicians accountable for the mess we are in should be the motivation for everyone who takes a ballot this fall.

Contrary to some of the partisan letters that have been published over the last few months, things here in New Hampshire and across the country aren’t good. It’s still extremely difficult to find a full-time job that pays well; salaries are lower; our groceries, oil and gas bills are higher; and we’re fed up. We’re fed up with politicians like Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Reps. Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter, who support and vote for big government policies that hurt the middle class.

There is no doubt that enablers like Shaheen, Kuster, and Shea-Porter, who vote 99 percent of the time for big intrusive government and against the middle class, will run misleading political ads highlighting the 1 percent of the time that they vote for New Hampshire.

We’re fed up seeing our veterans dying while waiting in line for health care because there is no money but see food-stamp money doubling, and people spending it on cigarettes and alcohol.

We’re fed up with policies that encourage illegal aliens to cross our borders and reduce wages. We’re fed up because big government spies on us and agencies like the IRS are being used as a club to punish political opponents.

We’re fed up with all the lies, “lost e-mail files,” “keep your doctor,” “lower your health care cost.” Let’s hold them accountable and vote them out in November.



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I will have to agree with some aspects of Van's letter. People are getting fed up with what they see going on around them, I am as well. Where we differ is when it comes time to place blame. This so called non partisan as, ista points out, shows his arrogance by singling out Shaneen, Kuster and Shea-Porter for his blame. As for veterans dying because of sub-standard care or no care, you can all dry your collective crocodile tears. This is not the fault of Obama, this is a deeply entrenched bureaucracy that's been under funded by Congress in every administration going back to Eisenhower. The President has no say over funding in the VA, he certainly hasn't vetoed any. As far as over reaching government regulations, that is just the new buzz word, talking point or whatever you want to call it. Alluding that the ACA is going to destroy jobs is really rich, there was a time when health insurance was a given for most any job, but then to contain costs and boost profits it slowly become the exception not the norm. We have many problems as a nation, and these many problems haven't magically shown up in the past 10 years. They have been there ball along, it's just when the economy is humming and people are all of a sudden property rich - NO ONE cared. Once things went south then all of a sudden people were tripping over themselves to place blame. Mind you no one has lifted a finger to fix things, they just want to place blame. There is a reason that this Congress of ours has a single digit approval rating. They have spent 6 years fighting instead of working together to turn things around. Now the GOP wants to sue Obama over executive orders, Obama has only issued 175, 25 in this term. Bush issued 291, Reagan 381 so why now. Perhaps if Congress did it's job they would be unneeded. So rant about politicians and big government, but ultimately we let this happen. Not the democrats or republicans - we did, all of us.

I agree G Carson, the VA has been a mess for a very long time. Those of us that have used it know from experience. As far as not agreeing on things, both sides are equally to blame. When you have one party on a spending spree and stating this and that is off the table as far as negotiating, where is the compromise? And you cannot compromise with trashing the folks you want to sit down with, does not work that way. The Reps are wasting their time repealing the ACA and suing. The ACA is in fact law so it will play out. I also believe it will have a huge impact on jobs, especially when the employer mandate kicks in. The situation with the kids immigrating is worrisome. We need to deal with our immigration issue and it has to be dealt with now. Otherwise more will be coming over. We also need to deal with Mexico who are enablers of everything that makes money for them.They are making money off these kids with fees for getting them across the border and abusing the kids in the process. Blame fixes nothing.

GCarson, thanks for calling me arrogant. Adjust that ponytail, it is obviously irritating you. Obama executive orders need not be judged by comparison to the number that other presidents have signed, they need to be judged by the severity of executive over reach........There is a big difference between signing an executive order to declare a holiday or recognize a citizen or even support something that will help the economy versus, for instance, the recent EPA move or what amounts to the Dream Act. Obama has killed coal jobs, he has passed regulations that just kill our prosperity. The ACA was rammed down our throats and guess what, people who have always taken care of their own health care, insurance, etc are paying for it through the nose. Obama ran on fixing the VA but he is, as always, too focused on his agenda, ideology and politics. Look, Shaheen was the one who supported Obamacare and they wanted to delay it to hide and get re-elected. Shaheen was the one who said,,,,, "you can keep your health care coverage if you want to pay extra for it". And Shaheen is the one who sent letters to the IRS asking them to target conservative groups. The facts are out there.

Imagine the irony of establishment Reps. in Mississippi getting black Dem. voters to vote for Cochrane. Wonder if they will still be pushing for voter suppression for in the red states? What am I saying of course they will.

Shaheen voted for Obamacare and she wrote a letter to the IRS pressuring them to break the law: Jeanne Shaheen attacking critic: Jeanne Shaheen on you can keep your doctor if you want to pay more: . Jeanne Shaheen pulling a Paul Hodes and disrespecting a constituent who wanted to talk about Obamacare: . Annie Kuster on Benghazi "I am not here to talk about Benghazi": . And let's not forget this Annie Kuster moment: It speaks volumes about her demeanor:

Van's disparaging "partisan letters" - wasn't there a story about pots and kettles?

What did Van state that is incorrect Gracchus?

Ahh RabbitNH, that is the burning question......he stated the truth and progressives are in denial. They know the score but their real interest is "fundamental" change of our present system.

Yes or no, Bunny, is Van's letter partisan? Here's a hint: all the politicians he cites are Democrats. If his letter is partisan, then it deserves the same scorn he directs toward other "partisan letters."

cant see where you differ from the communist party - maybe you could point out a few

Will the Republicans in Congress ever put out any kind of agenda?

Will the democrats in Congress ever pass a budget? that is their only mandated job.

Last time I looked it takes 2 parties to pass a budget

The Congress nor the President should have an "agenda". We ought not look at our representatives as "lawmakers", how many more "laws" do we need? The President is one branch of the government and he does not have an expectation of getting anything that he wants. But progressives want him to have all of his desires because he is with them politically. Therefore the word "obstruction" comes into play......and is used as a tactic to say that the other side is not meeting half way. And why is reaching over the aisle always from right to left.


Personally I am fed up with the Congressional leadership doing everything they can to stall, delay, table, and otherwise block all attempts coming from the Democrats at shifting some gears. I think it's ironic to see/hear people like you, Van; bashing the left for everything and placing no blame for the problems you have cited in your letter on the GOP. For example all the jobs programs and bills put forth on behalf of Obama? All have been blocked by the GOP controlled Congress. Then folks like you have the audacity to gripe about the lack of job growth. Depending on the specific issue at hand, I tend to lean back and forth, right and left. I guess that makes me an independent. I frankly have never understood the mob mentality in this country of us versus them, Republican versus Democrat. I don't get it, and I don't get letters from intelligent people that fall along this "us versus them" thing, like you and your letter Van. Neither party walks on water, and neither is solely to blame for our complicated problems. They created all this together. Nothing like job security, is there? I think we should vote them ALL out Van, not just the left, and put people IN who will vote to amend our Constitution, and put in place term limits for the US Congress and Senate. Vote to end, for all time, the job of career politician in this country. I think we voters badly need to unify for a while and demand this from those we put in office. Something like 80% or a bit more of the American public think they should have term limits.

the entire Congressional GRIDLOCK lies at the feet of democrat majority leader Harry GRIDLOCK Reid. Voting for Scott Brown will end that problem.

I don't see why people can't understand that GRIDLOCK is not a negative thing. They are called "lawmakers", don't we have enough laws? So many laws on the books are not even enforced. Why do we need more laws?

Term limits? Totally agree. Jobs bills are window dressing. Jobs come from the private sector. We need to stop the attack on business and especially small business. From 1998 to 2007, I could apply for 5 jobs and get 5 offers. I am not in the market today but if I was, I doubt I could find one job to apply for that 500 others are not flooding the HR departments with resumes. That is the real issue. But bravo on term limits. I also think that we need less lawyers and more common folks in Congress.

Here! Here!

Term limits should only apply to traitorous Democrats and possibly RINOs, not to true blue red-blooded patriotic true American Republicans

No they should apply to EVERYONE.

Yes jobs sometime come from the private sector. However the federal government is the single largest employer and consumer. Roads and infrastructure spending is driven by the federal government. Look military/defense spending - huge private sector employer all government business. There is not a black and white separation between the private sector and the public sector. Do some reasearch.

I don't need your lecture, in fact, is Wal-Mart not the single largest employer in the United States? The issue is that the government is generally populated by folks who are hired as favors, relatives or friends, politics, etc. Most have never worked in an environment where results matter, efforts are only as good as the end result and the results determine your future;. They waste money, work minimal hours and are never held accountable. In reality, they are inefficient, nepotistic, unionized, protected and never really challenged. Do you think if a private hospital was run like the VA that the person is charge would be in that position for 4-5 years? They would not be there for 5 months.

Here is a link to the communist party usa web site. Simply and ask them to explain how the modern democrats platform differs from theirs, they can't answer because they are almost identical.

BPR - here's an idea for you to champion. A law that says anyone who declares themselves a Republican cannot accept any of the government run socialist programs, you know like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, those government run socialist public school systems or the VA hospitals. Seems you are fine for the government to give the peoples tax money to business just not to any actual people.

I dont and never will - I have provided for myself thank you - PS I also provide for many other people - Care to join my merry band of elves as we give a new roof for a going blind Vet? Did you know that conservatives massively outnumber liberals when it comes to charity. Did you know that the 50% of us that row the boat have to pull you other 50 % along for the ride - Get off you high horse and start rowing for a change.

Charity. charity, charity! Are there no workhouses any more?

That's because they would rather spend your money than their own.

Saw it this morning, a bumper sticker on a car and so true: "Don't steal, the government hates competition".

That is it, Everything a Republican stands for can fit on a bumper sticker.

Tillie, your post would make a great bumper sticker!

BPR - do I understand you to say that you will be saying "no thank you" to Social Security and Medicare when you reach the age of eligibility?

One is not stuck with Medicare if their company provides health Ins. I will have a long legacy of our off spring running my real estate investments so I will never need to subscribe to Medicare. I am already retired and doing quite well and there is nothing in SS for me as I have been living on investment income that does not pay SS taxes.

How utterly selfish you are. I got mine and I don't care about anyone else.

Hey, Tillie - another great bumper sticker!

Beanie got a lot more but actually we Dems are deeper than a bumper sticker. I remember years ago when I first saw the "guns don't kill" one I thought how stupid that is. And of course now it is really stupid because they are against background checks.. Wonder how they could put that on a sticker. "Not all angry people with guns kill people, only some"

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."...Ben Franklin. Then again, you probably could care less about Liberty.

Please do not encourage her, Bean. I can handle Minnie Pearl on acid, but would rather not tangle with Bette Davis on crack.

Oh so your one of those 1%'s that only pays taxes on capital gains? No wonder you like Romney so much. So tell me how many people did you have to "evict" to do so well in real estate? Or should I say your company as you were just a share holder?

So you never paid into Social Security? So that means when your age eligible you will not accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Don't you see, we have a real "self made" millionaire (billionaire) in our midst. He didn't need the government to get rich, he could have done it in any country, he just happens to be here.

No, no, ALL of us are going to take our share of the money that we have paid in back, even though the interest on that money is ZERO. You can be damned sure that BPR, myself and others will take that, we sure did not work to give it to you so that you can spout off idiocy here all day.

Well we are stuck with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and they are all run poorly. Why created more "programs". The schools I do have an issue with and that is with Common Core teaching progressive values. Government should incentivize businesses by giving them tax breaks, like New York is doing right now.

What, pick winners and losers? Thought you wanted the gummit to stay completely out of the way?

Incentivize business?? You mean, AIG, GM, Solyndra??? Or perhaps defense contractors - try and name just one that hasn't been charged with fraud against the tax payers. For every dollar of government waste - there is a private sector company/employee with their collective hands out. People always think of the legendary $500.00 government hammer. Well if there was one, then some private sector vendor was robbing us. You can't eliminate gov't waste without addressing the predatory tactics that private sector parties use to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars. It takes two.

Very suspicious that you know what the communist party website is. . I knew I was right when I said you believed in one party rule.

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