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Letter: Living in fear

I am not a fearful person by nature. I flew from New Hampshire to Florida within one week of the terror attacks of Sept. 11 and thought nothing of it.

But this week, while at a mall in Salem, it was another story. I saw two young men who triggered a fearful response because they made me think of the recent mall, school and public shootings. I couldn’t get out of the mall fast enough.

President Obama said there have been 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook. This happens in no other country, he goes on to say. Why is that? I have my own theories.

We hear that the mentally ill need to be better cared for. Perhaps that is a factor. Unfortunately, there have always been teen suicides. Are they now taking others with them?

Another factor is the unwillingness of our elected officials to enact stricter gun laws. I am so sick of hearing that if someone wants a gun they will get one. Why make it easy for them?

Then there is the media. Whenever there is a news story with violence, they show it over and over. Then there is the anniversary of a horrific event, when we get to see the video all over again. How about remembering it in another way, without the violent video?

The way things are going in our country, we won’t need terrorists to terrorize us. Our own citizens are doing a good job of it.



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Something has to be done to make our schools safer, and I don't really care whom it "offends". Whatever it takes is a heap better than getting 'that' phone call.

Mary, "if someone wants a gun -they will get one" has nothing to do with laws. Recently talk with an officer from Toronto Canada. He talked about how nearly impossible for a citizen to get a handgun but then went on to say and criminal could get one in 10 min. Too many in country voted for government that lets violent criminals loose way to often and released 35, 000- illegal prisoners back on the streets and you wonder why our country seems less safe?

You are not alone in having your fears raised.

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