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Letter: Circus concerns

What has struck me ever since learning that the circus was coming to Hillsboro on July 9 was not the parking problem but the lack of opposition to the circus itself.

I personally am against the use of exotic animals in circuses and am shocked that I am the only one so far to come forward and say so in opposition of this event. I am disappointed that the Lions Club would sponsor an event of this nature. We should be teaching our children to respect and protect animals, not promote those who would brutalize them.

If you look up animal cruelty along with the name of this circus on the internet, you will understand why I think it is a mistake to allow this show in our town.



Legacy Comments16

These animals are abused. They are kept in small cages and trained (by whip) to do tricks that are unnatural for them. Unlike humans (except children), they have no one to speak for them except us.

Much the way many of us feel under Obama. Abused. He wants to silence us.

Folks protested this circus in Hillsboro. Please check out this video that was taken by one of the protesters of one of the elephants with the Kelly Miller Circus. She is displaying the sad behavior of a captive elephant, from years of boredom and stress. This repetitive motion is never seen in the wild. The elephant is 44 year old Traci who was stolen from the wild when she was about 1 year old.

when I wrote the above letter I sent it to both the Concord Monitor and the Hillsborough Messenger. Though the Concord Monitor didn't print my entire letter I was please with the editing. Thank you Monitor. The editor of the Messenger is also the chair for the circus with the lions club. My letter did not appear in the Messenger. Hopefully enough Hillsborough people read the Monitor to get my point across. A circus is not a natural habitat for an exotic animal.

The narrowing of the "liberal" mind can be measured by the ever growing list of things they want to ban. Circus, Light bulbs, tanning beds, puppy mills, Happy Meals, plastic bags, firearms, insecticides, sonar, foie gras, the internal combustion engine, trans fats, Big Gulps—the list goes on and on. When they're done, will we have any choices left at all?

yes, the right ones.

And what about the things that conservatives want to ban? Equal rights for LGBT individuals, equal reproductive rights for women depending on who they work for, consumer financial protections, religious freedom as defined by the founding fathers, any attempt to level the playing field so that people who are born into poverty can get out of poverty.... That list goes on too. When they're done, will we have any rights at all?

No, no, no. Just gay marriage, what is wrong with civil unions? No, we just don't want to pay for abortions. No, not consumer financial protections no one wants to ban that. Level playing field. A store for you Field. Where I grew up we were middle to lower middle class. Many of the kids I attended school with were very poor. Those same families, children and grand children are upper middle class today. Few if any of them are as poor as they were in the 1960's and 1970's. Economic policies that pushed the free market created that, not government. Don't surmise that people in poverty can't get out. It is not true.

I know of no Rep that wants to ban rights for LGBT. You are confusing rights with other things. As far as equal rights for women reproductive, I have no issue with that either. But I do have an issue with asking a religion to change their tenets. We are all for helping folks get out of poverty. We are against programs that fail to do that and promote generational poverty. Why is it you folks do not want to fix anything so the programs you champion will actually work? The best way to get folks out of poverty is a good economy. Everybody wins. Yet you champion stifling business, now even small business. If business is the enemy, then they will not hire, or expand. Get It!

what does that have to do with the circus?

None of it has anything to do with the circus. You'll have to excuse them, they can't help themselves . . .

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, there you go again spouting things not true. Just in the news, the Texas Republican Party has placed in their 2014 platform language for gay conversion therapy. If that isn't an affront to the LGBT rights issue, then you may need to go back to school to learn to understand what you may read.

BPR good points. But they love choo choo trains, windmills and herding people onto germ infested, filthy public transportation. You missed a couple of things they would like to ban: Dodge ball, keeping score at sporting events, Jesus, white people, NASCAR, humor, hijinks, horseplay, McDonald's, flag pins, Wal-Mart, salt, tanning booths, spray tan, plastics, GOD, the Constitution, free speech, Hobby Lobby, air conditioning, e-cigarettes, off color jokes, opinions other than their own, Happy Meal toys, GI JOE, jet ski's, logging, boats on lakes, pet ownership, land ownership, honesty, lawnmowers, anything not organic, fishing, hunting, trapping, meat, space exploration, boxing, wrestling, spray deodorant, fertilizer, honesty, frankness, hard work, self determination, upward mobility if you are not a minority, burning wood, coal, drilling for oil, homes larger than a size they feel that you need, muscle cars, doing anything to your home without zoning approval, asphalt roads, electricity, snowmobiles, ambition, drive, businesses, business mindedness, profit, the stock market, investors, shampoo, water usage, chimney smoke, leather shoes etc. I hear buggy whips are coming back but only minorities will be given federal loans to start buggy whips, railroad tie and windmill fan companies.

permission to re-use that list?

Yes, please re-use the list and let me add a couple of things. Sports teams with name that offend people, any contact sport like football, plastic surgery, disposable razors, straws, candy, cotton candy, shingles, paint, prescription drugs (only pot is OK for use as a drug maaaaaan!), television, radio, especially talk radio but NPR (National Propaganda Radio) is OK, charcoal briquettes, non-organic produce, hard candy, steel, rubber, Disney World, Disneyland, amusement parks in general, airplanes, helicopters, cleaning solutions, itch cream, knives, mouse traps (they are so inhumane), eating fish, prosperity, doing the right things for the right reasons, passion for freedom, lower taxes, self responsibility.

I agree. Circuses suck.

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