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Letter: Shameful behavior

As a veteran, I am shocked at the partisan political reaction to Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release after five years of captivity.

Immediately after Bergdahl was released, a coordinated personal attack was launched against him. Some of Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers were recruited by a public relations firm to publicly damage his character and patriotism. A chorus of Republican politicians, conservative media and pundits began calling him a deserter and traitor and saying that he should have been left to die in the hands of the Taliban.

Some viciously attacked his family, questioning their judgment as parents and even their patriotism.

It is a travesty that this American who volunteered to serve his country is being denied the very rights he fought to preserve for us. Where is his right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, to have his day in court and to face his accusers? The reality is that in today’s partisan environment, some Republicans will take any opportunity to indirectly attack President Obama and gain political advantage in November. They do this even if it means multiplying the pain and suffering that an American soldier and his family have endured for more than five years. They should be ashamed.



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"Where is his right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, to have his day in court and to face his accusers?" Right where its always been. And who exactly are his accusers? The govt..correct?

100% wag the dog and if you think that is a position from which to negotiate a prisoners release then you may be a LIDV

It's like the "swift boat veterans for truth" all over again. The GOP has decided that attacking a man's service record is now fair play, even though I've noticed that most of the ringleaders of these attacks never themselves served. Seems they were all too busy being special. Like always, there is a percentage of Americans that takes the bait without a second thought.

"They believe he is a deserter...". That's the very point, Wabbit. It doesn't matter what any of the "theys" believe. Again, if warranted, the General Courts-Martial can settle these matters that every jamoke, and his cousin, have been so quick to chime in on. Sgt Bergdahl was a US soldier being held captive by enemy. Getting him back was the only viable option. All these Monday Morning QBs, and self-proclaimed military experts, should comprise the Color Guard leading the parade into the Gates of Hell.

Yeah they believe he is a deserter, he left a freaken note. They are very upset he deserted them. They were under the impression that they had each other backs. Again, we should have tried to get him back. What is the deal here? We seem to have a lot of folks on this forum that cannot tolerate folks who have a different take on things. And we also seem to have a lot of folks who appear to be very testy if folks disagree with them, even if they do that politely.

Wabbit, 'the deal here' is it's all SPECULATION at this point, and entirely unfair to Sgt Bergdahl and his family. I'm not saying he's guilty or innocent of these allegations. I'm saying I don't know, and neither do "they"...or YOU for that matter. It will all come out in the wash, but not in the gutter.

Larry, I'm curious...does the "R" work on your keyboard? If so, why don't you use it?

What's yaw pwoblem, CRY?

There will always be ignorant folks who would in fact state Bergdahl should have been left behind. The few who state that are ignorant. I did not see any of his unit state that he should have been left behind. What I saw from them was that they disagreed with how the swap was handled. They believe he is a deserter and left his unit. They also believe that he was portrayed by the WH as a hero. These soldiers were called all kinds of names by the media also. So you could make the argument that the left are just as guilty as the right political wise. The issue of what we swapped is not discussed by the left. They even claim that the 5 are not terrorists. They focus on bashing everybody with an R after their name as promoting the idea that Bergdahl should have been left behind. The issue is the 5 we swapped, period.

A travesty indeed, Mr Brown. And leading the parade was a man who should know much better; retired Colonel Chuck Douglas!

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