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Letter: Time to sink or swim

The most recent troubles in Iraq are a stark reminder of what a mess the Middle East continues to be, and what a colossal mistake, and incredible waste of lives and treasure, was Bush’s misguided 2003 invasion.

Afghanistan might have gone better had we not taken our eyes off the ball with Iraq, but in hindsight I doubt it. We must purchase and use every drop of oil and gas we produce (and export none), buy the rest from true allies, and get the hell out of Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East.

Let them all, Israelis and Palestinians included, solve their own problems, and find peace or continue to abuse, subdue and kill each other without us. Enough.



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I agree Collie. When you read things like 15 Somali men from Minnesota have returned to Iraq in the last few months to fight with ISIS, and give their lives for Allah, it does creep you out. Brought to America and then they up and leave their families behind for the terrorist cause. Evidently, starting over in the USA was not a top priority. I also worry about our borders. Mexico will do anything for money and they have no issues with helping anybody get into the USA. The left do not believe that the 5 detainees that were just swapped for Bergdahl are a threat. That scares me also. I was shocked after 9/11 how many folks complained about wire taps and airport security. And even more shocked when this administration was dead set on telling the folks who try to get info out of terrorists how to do that in a more kind why. Makes no sense.

Jeff, I totally agree with your analysis! However, I am left with a huge nagging question? What are we going to do when they come to attack and kill us. That is the goal you know. Worldwide control by radical Islam. We are the big prize in the plan and as we speak many misguided Americans have gone to the terrorist hotbeds to train and come back to attack us. Our own citizens are turning on us!!!! That sure keeps me up nights!!!

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