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Letter: Electric vehicles on a roll

We’re in the middle of a technological revolution that’s cleaning up our air and reducing our oil dependence – the rise of electric vehicles.

Today, America has more than 220,000 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the road. In just the last two years, annual sales of electric vehicles have increased by 500 percent. And according to a new Environment New Hampshire report, electric vehicles could prevent more than 162,000 metric tons of global warming pollution annually in New Hampshire by 2025. That would be like saving more than 18 million gallons of gasoline per year, or eliminating tailpipe pollution from 34,000 of today’s cars and trucks.

By committing to bold goals and smart policies, we can drive toward a safer climate and a healthier future. And by reducing carbon pollution from power plants – as the EPA proposed on June 2 with its Clean Power Plan – we can make electric cars run even cleaner.

I thank Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for supporting the proposed Clean Power Plan, and I call upon Sen. Kelly Ayotte to step up and support the Clean Power Plan as well. It’s time for New Hampshire to charge ahead.



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The old Reds have become the new Greens, and they are doing everything in their power to keep energy exploration off the table.

Here is a FACT for LIDV's - 500% of nothing is still....... NOTHING

There are 294,129,004 passenger vehicles on the road in the United States and 220,000 electric vehicles, all inefficient and only good for short distances. That means that out of all vehicles on the road, electric vehicles account for .0008% of the total vehicles on the road, quite the "roll".

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