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Letter: Wrong kind of fundraiser

There is no question that Lions Clubs do great work in the community. I support their mission without question.

What I do question is why some of them, such as the Hillsboro and Bristol chapters, choose to sponsor animal cruelty as a fundraiser.

You don’t have to go undercover at any animal circus to see whips, chains, bullhooks and wild animals confined to tiny cages. This is the norm for circuses right in the public eye.

What you do not see is the cruel training the animals had to endure while they were forced to learn unnatural and meaningless tricks for some people’s few minutes of amusement. Even if the animals were never hit, poked or prodded during training or shows, their barren existence is enough cruelty.

The cramped travel cages with no heating or air conditioning where the animals eat, drink, sleep, defecate and urinate, all in the same place, are kept out of sight. Their rigorous travel schedules keep them on the road for days, weeks and months on end, only being let out to perform. Not a pleasant life for any animal.

It is totally understandable that people want to see elephants and tigers. But for a few minutes of spectator pleasure, these majestic animals live an entire lifetime of confinement and abuse. Wild endangered animals deserve better.

There are many ways to raise funds that don’t involve cruelty. Please avoid the circus.



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