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Letter: Market Basket’s risky business

News stories report that the bloodless coup is complete at Market Basket. The Arthur who has demonstrated deep and abiding concern for employees and customers has been forced out by the Arthur who seems only to want more for himself.

Gone is the management team that grew the chain into markets where they were desperately wanted and improved the quality of the product mix, all the while maintaining across-the-board low prices. In their place come two executives whose business resumes are highlighted by pay raises and golden parachutes while their respective companies circled the drain.

A look at the financial news about their tenures at Albertsons and Radio Shack might give an indication of what awaits Market Basket.

Too many times, family members demand more money from companies their wiser kin manage; too many times we see it end in betrayal of the companies’ missions and ultimate failure. As a loyal Market Basket customer for longer than I can remember, I will watch with deep interest. To the outgoing Arthur, thank you for all you have done for the customers. To the “new” Arthur, good luck. If you take Market Basket in the direction it appears you intend, I and thousands like me will shed our loyalty like an overcoat in summer. To my fellow Market Basket shoppers, see you at Hannaford?



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I agree with the author of this letter. I, too, have been a loyal MB shopper since I moved to NH 20 years ago. But no more. As the new leadership seeks to squeeze out every penny for themselves, they must know that there will be a price to pay. Employees and customers will be less loyal and the business will decline. I will be among those customers shopping elsewhere.

Dear Mr. Politt, Your commentary resounds with truth and sadly with an obvious concern to what the future of thousands of employees, their families, customers and communities where Market Baskets now thrive in may experience under the present new CEOs. Clearly the Market Basket way of doing business stands in stark difference to the history of the new CEOs way of conducting business. One way we can make our voices heard is by joining in at the following site where many of the hard-working individuals and famillies who have dedicate many years to Market Basket are sharing their stories and concerns. I invite you and all the readers to join in support! Thank you!!/pages/Save-Market-Basket/136649323208808 Sincerely, Susan Jussaume

Hopefully it presents an opportunity for a store like Trader Joe's to move in. Picked up a few things recently and everything MB brand was terrible quality. 90% lean hamburger tasted like it had bits of bones in it and the Alden Merrell "premium" strawberry shortcake tasted like it was cake mix out of a box with whipped cream out of a can for frosting, with a little bit of strawberry syrup and a small bit of strawberry in it so pretty sad for one of their higher end cakes. Will stick with Hannaford around here but Shaw's has improved dramatically... with the new lower prices on many items,

Well, we don't know the full story but I can tell you that Market Basket, because of prices, dominates the Concord supermarket business. Shaw's is on its way down the drain and Hannaford is the most expensive supermarket in town. Let's hope that they maintain their low prices and loyal employees.

The wonder of MB was all the employees that were long term. Their years are printed on their badges. How many of them will still be there after the new Arthur realizes how much a long term employee makes? Employee loyalty can make for good customer service.

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