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Letter: What Republicans believe

Republicans believe the NRA should decide the nation’s gun laws but don’t believe a woman should decide her own health care.

Republicans believe big business should be able to do whatever they want for profit but don’t believe people should marry whomever they want for love.

Republicans believe the scientifically proven theory of global warming is a hoax but believe in an unproven religious belief of creationism.

Republicans believe the wealthy and big business should receive tax breaks and subsidies but don’t believe the average American should have affordable health care.

Republicans believe corporations have more rights than people.

Republicans believe people have the right to discriminate because of religious freedom.

Republicans believe in shooting first and asking questions later.

Republicans believe in saying no to anything a Democrat proposes even if it’s good for the country.

Republicans believe in suing the president rather than working with him.

Republicans believe they should be able to carry weapons everywhere they go to prove their manhood.

Republicans believe we should spend as much money as possible for the military rather than spending money for helping the less fortunate.

Republicans believe millions of illegal aliens should be deported (at what cost?) rather than trying to find a way to incorporate them into society (at a much lower cost).

Republicans believe wealthy people work harder than non-wealthy people.

And that’s just a start!



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Great letter - it's an excellent example of exactly what is wrong with our political system in this country. People like the letter writer - in their lock-step ideological, stereotype-filled, hyper-partisan mindset.

Carly, the first one is absolutely true. The second one not so much, but it would be nice if people were wholesome versus grubby like many are today.

must be another public school product

And not your fellow grammar school dropout!

Hey everybody I got another stalker

Van don't flatter yourself.

Tom...you forgot a couple: 1) Republicans believe that democrats cannot be fiscally conservative, and 2) Republicans believe that you cannot be moral or civil unless you are (born again) christian.

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