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Letter: Focus on solving problems

Despite voting for Democrats, I remain a registered independent in New Hampshire.

My problem with the Democrats is that they focus too much on the Koch brothers and not enough on what they stand for.

They do almost as many attack ads as the Republicans. We need a new political process, and I would welcome a vibrant third party that stands behind values rather than politics as usual.

Raising money rather than generating ideas seems to be the sole focus of the two-party system.

The current political stalemate will continue indefinitely until the people demand candidates who represent their interests rather than perpetuating the tired old liberal vs. conservative divide.

Can we focus more on solving problems than scoring ideological points?

As long as we see politics as a blood sport, we will continue to be a divided nation in retreat from our potential for growth, peace and prosperity.

It’s time to put party second and America first.



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We need honest and sincere men and women to run...does anyone have a name that fits this description?

Every comment here misses the point in one way or another. The problem with Washington is not with the President. The problem with DC is that we have the worst Congress in history, even beating out the 1995 Congress when the GOP focused on the Clinton's and impeachment at the detriment of all else. What we need is a Congress that can work together to get things done, not an all GOP or all Democratic Congress but one that will work together for all Americans and not just their own self serving agendas. While Obama's approval rating is 43%, congress has moved from 9% up to 13% - this speaks volumes in itself.

so how many of the same members of the "worst Congress in history" will NH send back you think?

I challenge any of you readers to name 1 clear campaign objective stated by any of the Republicans IN THE LAST DECADE!! (Other than to do everything possible to assure President Obama was a one-term President-and we saw how that worked out [:)

Cut taxes,

The Republicans in Washington have done nothing to 'cut taxes' in the past decade. They have contributed, significantly, to the increase of the National Debt. Think back a couple of years: when the Bush Tax Cuts (of 2001 and 2003 were about to expire, President intended on extending them for the middle class, but Speaker Boehner absolutely insisted that the richest 10 percent be included. So that those who had become much richer in the previous ten years (while the middle class got poorer) and could afford to have their taxes return to pre-Bush Tax Cut levels AND would have diminished the National Debt significantly, were the reason the National Debt increased. So much for cutting taxes!!

One thing we do know is that you are not an historian and you have no clue about the economy much less the truth. How you can make these claims while you watch Obama spend us into oblivion I don't know.

McCain offered a solution to Health Care - Romney offered a solution for a balanced Budget and the Giingrich Republicans are credited with the last balanced budget - nice try Walter

Earmarks may be a thing of the past for Congress - a $1.1 trillion federal spending bill that won passage in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The 1,582-page bill is officially free of the spending for pet projects that spurred public outrage and were banned in 2010 after Republicans won control of the House of Representatives. Heck Democrats have not even proposed any ideas to reduce spending much less passed any.

I've always thought we would all be better off if there were no political parties. No "us" against "them"; just "we".

Sorry rje49 NObama and his minion Eric Holder sued a town that tried that. Here is the ruling Headline; Federal judge: For blacks, ‘voting rights’ include identifying Democrats on ballots -

I challenge any reader to name 1 BIG idea that Hillary has for her campaign - other than being a woman - heck name one idea a democrats have pushed to balance the budget - heck name one idea democrats have to PASS a budget

Challenge? That's easy. Name the last 2 Presidents that decreased the national deficit. I'll give you a hint: neither was a Republican. As for Hillary, with my nose pinched I'll vote for her if it cones to that. With 1 big idea in mind: keeping some Right wing tea bagging nutcase out of the Oval Office.

the Republicans have ended earmarks - HEADLINE: No Earmarks in Spending Bill - The 1,582-page bill is officially free of the spending for pet projects that spurred public outrage and were banned in 2010 after Republicans won control of the House of Representatives.

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