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Letter: Affordable early-childhood education a priority for Feltes

Research shows that quality early childhood education is the keystone to success for children in both primary and secondary school.

This is true for children across socio-economic classes.

Our family is lucky in that we have the ability to send our children to a high-quality preschool while we work. Our boys will also be able to go to kindergarten full time, which they could not do if we had to rely solely on public school kindergarten in Concord.

Dan Feltes recognizes that not everyone can give their children this opportunity. High-quality childcare is crushingly expensive. Monthly tuition may cost the same as, or more than, one parent’s monthly income. If this is the case, the family may choose to keep a child home, even if that means giving up one parent’s income, because the lost income would be less than or equal to the cost of sending the child to preschool.

That is not a choice any family should have to make.

As the senator for District 15, Dan will prioritize access to high-quality, early-childhood education and full-day kindergarten for all of New Hampshire’s youngest citizens. No child should be denied the chance to learn because we as a society refuse to find a way to make it a priority and a possibility.

We are proud to call Dan our friend, and we support him 100 percent. We urge you to support him as well.



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Pretty hard to find someone that can actually comes out against kindergarten and early education. But it takes all kinds. The effects of early education are obvious.

Liberals love it when other people pay for their whims. They don't care a hoot if the program works or not. Conservatives, needless to say, actually care if money is well spent.

a one trick pony - every single supporter of the candidate shows Dan is a pure social issue candidate . In a time when budgets are bursting at the seams to elect a social issue candidate is supreme foolishness.

"Research shows..." What research? Pretty sure there's a lot of research that shows that preschool (and kindergarten) has very few measurable affects on children's educational outcomes. ((

Before democrats taxed everyone to death...people did not need to send their children to a preschool while both worked just to pay the taxes.

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