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Letter: North is paying for south

In northern New Hampshire, a region plagued with gas prices 15 to 20 cents per gallon consistently higher than southern New Hampshire, adding another deliberate tax is unthinkable.

But in the infinite wisdom of state politicians, a deliberate tax increase was imposed. Have you felt the “pain at the pump” yet, northern New Hampshire?

North Country Democratic representatives as well as a majority of southern New Hampshire Democratic representatives decided that all state residents should pay for the widening of Interstate 93 from Salem through Derry. Or so it seems!

By signing on to the ill-conceived “bipartisanship” bill to increase the gas tax, Democratic Reps. Rebecca Brown of Sugar Hill, Susan Ford of Easton, Marcia Hammon of Whitefield and Linda Massimilla of Littleton, and state Sen. Jeff Woodburn of Dalton voted for a tax increase for their neighbors and constituents in northern New Hampshire while at the same time voting to decrease “taxes” for southern New Hampshire residents.

This ill-conceived gas tax increase bill, which was signed by the governor and became law on July 1 has a provision to eliminate the Merrimack toll booth on Interstate 293! It seems southern New Hampshire politicians were looking for a “deal” and were shrewdly successful at the expense of the rest of us.

Whenever you use gas in the North Country, you’re paying for the widening of the Salem through Derry exits on I-93 thanks to North Country Democrats!


Sugar Hill

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One more time! Get the cops, DES Dept of AG and everyone else out of the highway funds!

good call

So what is this guy saying? No one in the north of the state ever leaves and uses the roads in the south? How about making it easier for all the tourists that help your economy in the north to get there, not to mention that they are paying the extra tax too and helping to maintain the roads in your area. Snow falls on all of us in the winter, maybe al little more up your way and we all need our roads plowed and sanded and potholes fixed.

A toll booth on Rt93 N & S answers the question for all. If you use the road you pay for it, if you don't then you don't have to pay for it. Could of had a two cent increase for the rest of the state roads. To have a toll booth in place and eliminate it while raising taxes is proof of what the writer is saying or are the politicians saying they actually don't need the money.

Bunch of baloney. Gasoline and heating oil cost more in Coos County because of the cost of transporting it that far north. The new 4 cent per gallon tax is to maintain ALL New Hampshire roads. And, it isn't a Democrat or Republican thing, we ALL need good roads. Don't want to pay the 4 cent tax, drive to Maine or Vermont. Nevermind that the gallon or so of gas to get you there and back cost several bucks more than what you save at the pump.

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