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Letter: Rebelling against corruption

The fundamental problem in government today is that most of those who have been elected to represent us don’t.

They represent the interests of those who can get them money for re-election and promise them jobs with giant salaries when they leave the House or Senate. That is, if they promote the “right” legislation and block the “wrong” legislation.

None of the many other problems this country faces have a chance of being resolved until big money is removed from politics. Clearly, Americans don’t agree on many issues but almost all can agree that if legislation is continually passed to favor the few over the many, it is a problem.

The New Hampshire Rebellion seeks to bring together citizens of all political stripes in order to get political representation that supports the interests of the citizens, not the money elite.

This past weekend, 500 people marched along the Seacoast supporting the Rebellion. There will be even more in the next rally. You can be part of this grassroots movement to end the system of corruption in Washington.



Legacy Comments4

Michael...that is a great idea. But, with all those lobbyists in Washington, good politicians won't be seeing their way clear to vote for their constituents until we remove them. Of course, all the big money and corruption will go with them. My opinion is that congress and senate should be paid by the home state that elected them. Sure, it adds to each state's budget-but only a tiny amount and I'd gladly pay a tax to support it.

The only flaw Walter is that you are just shifting the problem to a local level. The politicians will still be out begging for money and owing political favors in the same manner. Not until the money is taken out of the election "process" will there be any true change. I would suggest each state has a number of debates, every candidate is asked the exact same questions. If they don't want to answer a question with double talk then let the public decide if they want that person in office.

The last sentence should read - If they want to answer a question with double talk then let the public decide if they want that person in office.

If they truly believed..... why dont they start with the appeal of the 17th amendment

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