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Letter: Feltes is right for District 15

I am happy to share my support for Dan Feltes, a candidate to represent Concord, Hopkinton, Henniker and Warner in the state Senate.

District 15 had an excellent leader with Sylvia Larsen but since she has chosen not to run, we need a strong, progressive person to represent us. Dan Feltes is just the person.

As our economy continues to recover, our legislators must prioritize bringing jobs – good jobs – to New Hampshire.

Having a top-quality workforce will help make New Hampshire a place where businesses want to locate and people want to live and raise families. We need affordable housing for our young people.

We need good-quality education, and child care that is affordable so parents don’t have to choose between caring for their children and their jobs. Dan is committed to finding a solution that will work.

We need all-day kindergarten so every child has the best opportunity to succeed. Hopkinton has taken a leadership role on this issue, and we need to make sure the rest of the state follows.

All of New Hampshire’s children deserve a great start. They are our future!

Please remember to vote in the primary on Sept. 9. I will be voting for Dan Feltes.



(The writer is a member of the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen.)

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Feltes is a pure social issue candidate - there is nothing in his background or his campaign that even remotely proves he will address the REAL ISSUES the NH frugal, self reliant, innovative citizens care about

Looks like jobs, workforce, education are things the letter writer thinks Feltes can do. These are definitely real issues to me!

Then you dont know the social issues only candidate like we do - Quick name his last employment - better yet name who he replaced there

Progressive candidates have been preaching the same BS for decades......"jobs, workers, education" and yet they deliver the money but none of the results. Jobs have been killed by progressives over regulating, mis-managing the economy and rampant over spending. Education is an business now and no matter how much more we spend, the results get worse. Feltes left out "for the children", "I will fight for minorities", etc. More rhetoric and what can he really do? He is one vote and probably will go along with people like Baby Huey Van Ostern and other extremists. But Concord is populated by folks who see themselves as enlightened and above the hoi polloi, so they will vote based on faux issues.

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