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Letter: What gas tax hike?

I was driving into Concord on July 3 and noted that the price of gas at the Epsom Circle Mobil station was $3.68.

“Ah, the 4-cent gas tax hike has gone into effect,” I thought to myself.

A few miles later, I saw gas at the Hess station for $3.63.

“Ah, the gas tax hike has been repealed,” I thought to myself.

At the Concord Hess station on Main Street, it had fallen further to $3.62.

No, it hadn’t been repealed. It’s just that the increase is so small that it is lost in the variation in the price of gas from day to day – even from station to station.

Some have gone ballistic about this 29 percent increase. (Statistically savvy citizens know that because the previous tax rate was so small – less than 20 cents per gallon – any increase looks large. Why, a penny increase would be more than 5 percent!!!)

Others, like me, applaud this modest, 22-years-in-the-making rise in revenue that will give the Department of Transportation more to spend on road repairs. Coincidentally, my return trip along Route 4 was much smoother, thanks to the repairs that had been made to replace the layer of asphalt that had been lost in many places.

As for the gas tax increase, I can save more that twice that amount (10 cents per gallon) using my smart card at Cumberland Farms. I encourage some of the whiners out there to do the same.



Legacy Comments3

A gas tax hike by democrats is not news - democrats are proposing another 12 cents in the federal tax. What will be news is when the citizens finally rise up and say to the democrats you have enough money to run the country - just do it!

I laugh at the comments of folks who say they can't afford to pay so much more for gas. That 60 cents for a 15 gallon fill-up is a killer, huh? Might as well sell your car! The tax increase was actually well-timed, with a nearly equal drop in gas prices. And by the way, I get 3% cash back on gas purchases using my credit card, so at 3.60 per gal, that's 11 cents off per gallon (and no, I haven't paid a cent of credit card interest in 20+ years).

silly boy the Gas tax is a just more of the tax and spend ways of democrats . Everybody knows they have doubled the budget since Shaheen was elected - It is not the 4 cents..... it is that there is plenty of money in the budget as it was. Only someone that remains unaware is how the democrats tax you to death

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