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Letter: How is abortion hilarious?

Regarding the “My Turn” article “A unique take on women’s sexuality, abortion” (Monitor Forum, July 5), it is shocking to me when the writer, Meagan Gallagher of Planned Parenthood, says the film Obvious Child is a “hilarious and honest story” about a woman who decides to have an abortion because of three incidents in her life.

She has an abortion at Planned Parenthood after talking with her family, friends and even “the one-night stand” father of the child. Note I say “child!”

The article says she has no shame, stigma or judgment forced on her. The article goes on to say abortion is the “most common and safest medical procedure in America.”

I have worked for “pro life” issues for quite some time, and I can say many women who have spoken to me regarding their abortion decision (and men who have been a part of the abortion decision) feel great regret and sadness and depression with their decision.

They, because of their conscience, not any group forcing their opinion on them, realize they have taken the life of their own child.

To state that abortion is the most common medical procedure in America is tragic. What has happened to us as a society when even our children are disposable?

The article ends with: “A woman’s decision about her pregnancy should be respected and valued.”

But there is a second party in the picture that should be respected and valued and that is the baby.

What is so “hilarious” about this?



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What is truly sad is bringing an unwanted child into this world. Bringing in a child that you can neither afford or care for. Being a parent is a great responsibility and a privilege, and should never be entered into by accident unless you are ready. To force your personal beliefs on others is a luxury you don't have and one individuals should never have. Our society places way too much emphasis on sex, it's even now referred to as hooking up. Every action has a consequence, but in this case the consequences can be daunting to overcome and options need to be available. Abortion is one of those options of last resort, but one women are entitled to.

what liberal progressive socialist democrats want is for somebody else to pay for their desires - this ruling deals with that - it is the partisan left ...again... making a phony election issue out of it. Shame on the democrats

While it may be true that the combining of a sperm and egg is the precursor of human life, please note that the body that carries this precursor (aka Mother-to-be) already has a life and there are many reasons the Mother may not want the pregnancy to continue. IF you believe , as I firmly do, that ALL children should be WANTED, then you must agree that terminating an unwanted pregnancy (while you may disagree) is a decision ONLY the mother (and her doctor) may make!! Further, in a FREE country, a woman's right to make such a decision is HER right, and her's alone. IF you believe otherwise, in any way, it is NOT up to you to provide anything other than silence. What right have you to interfere, in any way. God didn't ask you to stick your nose in !!

Yet democrats want somebody else to pay for it - Halarious

Excellent reply. And by the way, I think Kathleen is taking the "hilarious" term about the film completely out of context. There are probably indeed humorous parts in the film. I also think Kathleen knows this but simply used the word for her own effects.

People at Planned Parenthood are in the business of protecting their profession. Bottom line is that their moral compass is askew as they perpetuate their family planning agenda. Their goal is family planning (their way) and if the truth be told they all believe that population control is necessary so that the Earth's resources will not be depleted, blah, blah, so many progressives, the ends justify the means.

Good for you Kathleen. I couldn't agree with you more. In my teen years and into my childbearing years I was convinced there was nothing wrong with abortion simply because it was legal. This is so misleading to young men and women. Taking the life of another is wrong no matter what PP or our society may tell us. Very sad.

So what you are saying that now that you are pass the time to have an abortion you have decided it is wrong.. No different than a man who will never have to face this decision.

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