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Letter: No life for animals

Please do not patronize or support any form of entertainment in the United States or in a foreign country that forces animals to participate in them. Animals living in aquariums are deprived of their tightly knit family pods and occupy spaces so small that their means of communication, which needs long distances to be effective, is totally frustrated. They die years before their natural life spans, of stress and boredom.

Bears trained to do demeaning tricks usually have their teeth extracted and claws removed; they spend their time in small enclosures that are a far cry from their natural habitat.

In circuses, the big cats and elephants are shocked and beaten to teach them to perform unnatural “tricks.” These animals who would normally travel long distances daily are made to live in small cages (the big cats) with no exercise or enrichment.

Most zoos are animal prisons without parole, the zoo experience is like locking oneself in a small room for life. Yes, you are given food and water, but are denied friends, family and freedom.

Animal-based entertainment may be fun for the human spectators, but they are a living hell for the sentient beings forced to participate.

Are we humans so unimaginative that we can’t amuse ourselves without exploiting animals?

Actively protest against this cruelty and do what you can to help these animals who have no voice except ours to protect them.



Legacy Comments2

I once again find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Ms. Bonsignore. Bull fighting, rodeo, circuses, zoos . . . they're all terrible examples of exploitation of animals. And I also agree with GCarson . . . every single major problem facing the world today has at its root one cause: TOO MANY DAMN HUMANS ON THE PLANET. Interesting footnote: I do however know that humans are not the only animal on the planet that has been known to attack and kill other members of its species - chimps and bonobos have been known to "wage war" on each other from time to time. And certain species of dolphins have been known to attack and kill certain species of porpoise. Isn't it odd - and perhaps more illuminating than we humans would care to admit - that these same species are also the only mammals besides man who've been known to pleasure ourselves.

Welcome to the human animal, it's our nature. Some societies believed in coexisting with animals and the environment but alas these were what people referred to as primitives. Namely Indians and Aborigines. Unfortunately modern man has evolved into a type of virus, we consume and destroy our environment in the name of the Holy $$ and then move on and start over. We'll never change and that's unfortunate, but again it's our nature.

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