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Letter: Seniors should be wary of Guinta

It has been brought to our attention at the New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans that Frank Guinta is claiming he would be a better congressman for the senior citizens of our state than Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter.

He bases this on a study by AARP, which rated how well individual states provided long-term care. Long-term care services are administered in New Hampshire by state and county governments, not by Congress.

The Alliance for Retired Americans rated Congress on senior issues for a number of years, including those years when Frank Guinta served New Hampshire for one term.

Shea-Porter has a 100 percent lifetime record for the ARA. Guinta did not do so well during his one term.

In fact, his voting records in 2011 and 2012 were zero, worse than New Hampshire’s other congressman at that time, Charlie Bass, who was rated 0 percent in 2011 and 30 percent in 2012.

Both lost their seats in 2012.

Shea-Porter voted for the Affordable Care Act. Guinta calls it government-run. But, in reality, the ACA is heavily free-market based, and the changes to Medicare in the law have provided seniors with more preventative care at less cost, savings on brand name drugs (a provision championed by Shea-Porter), more support for providers and cost-savings that keep Medicare solvent for years to come.

The New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans urges seniors to do their homework before they vote!



(The writer is president of the executive board of the New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans.)

Legacy Comments7

Where does the "The New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans" get their money and is it legal for them to jump into politics with Federal Money? - maybe it is time for the CM crack investigative team to do some research and answer question instead of simply reprinting liberal ideology

Oh Lordy, what a damn hypocrite you are.

another misinformed statement from this forums chief LIDV

Listen you plagiarist, "misinformed Republican, belongs to me. You just stick to your LIDV. You have never put an original post or thought on these pages since I first started reading them. You put your one post on and repeat it over and over for over no matter what the subject it. You are boring. And you are hypocrite since now you want the IRS to investigate NHAFRA. Isn't that what you and your ilk were screaming at in the so called IRS scandal?

so funny that you dont even know where they get their money from - LIDV thru and thru

the fact that you have just proven you have NO clue what the IRS scandal is all about is no longer stunning ...... being a misinformed & a LIDV is indeed your lot in life

You dont even realize that you just proved that you are MISINFORMED regarding what the IRS investigation is all about

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