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Letter: Other uses for the BearCat

Now that the Concord Police Department has taken delivery of its shiny new BearCat, I’ve come up with a list of ways they can put this vehicle to good use:

1) Pace car for the Loudon races this month and in September.

2) Transport vehicle for Chris Christie on his many visits to New Hampshire in the coming months. The BearCat’s suspension should be sturdy enough to take the beating.

3) Use it to enforce the state’s now unconstitutional buffer zones around women’s health clinics.

4) It could serve as the official launching platform for municipal fireworks displays after the ban goes into effect.

5) It could be used as sort of an “armored personnel carrier” for Walt Havenstein, Scott Brown and any other “progressive” GOP candidates to keep them safe from the assaults of the Tea Partyers, 9/12ers and FSPers.

6) The coolest ice cream truck EVAH!!!



Legacy Comments1

Excellent letter Dan! I vote for "cool ice cream truck". If they sell ice cream sandwiches for the next 30 years it might pay for the Bearcat. I wonder if it was Ziebarted? Sitting around parked, year after year is not good as it will rust quicker.

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