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Letter: Just go home, politicians

To all of the candidates seeking office this midterm, instead of offering up pretend fixes on the economy, health care, jobs and the other supposed maladies plaguing this nation, I would ask you to leave things well enough alone and take leave, return home to your families and tend to your own fields.

Let each individual attend to their own affairs absent of government; all that is expected is that each individual observe the natural law and that if an individual should bring harm to his or her neighbor that they should be held to account for their actions.

On the economy, heed the wisdom of John Randolph, Nathaniel Macon and John Taylor of Caroline who believed that the government ought to leave the economic life of the country alone because Americans had always demanded “that their governments shall content themselves with protecting their persons and property, leaving them to direct their labor and capital as they please, within the moral law; getting rich or remaining poor as may result from their own management or fortune.”

The general principles of the Jeffersonian Republicans were these: love of peace, hatred of offensive war, jealousy of the state government toward the general government; a dread of standing armies, a loathing of public debt, taxes, and excises. Above all, they understood that centralized power represented a direct threat to individual liberty.



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