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Letter: Silent on climate change

As a former Republican turned independent, I’d have a lot more respect for the so-called reformicons if they took a strong position on the most critical ecological and economic issue of our time: the threat of human-caused climate change.

However, as Matthew Yglesias and other prominent writers have pointed out, the “reformicons” are curiously silent on this issue.

Courageous conservatives such as former South Carolina rep Bob Inglis have addressed climate change, calling upon Republicans to support legislation that would implement a revenue-neutral carbon fee to reduce emissions without increasing government. I consider him a real “reformicon;” the others are just pretenders.


Brockton, Mass.

Legacy Comments3

The poster below makes a claim that relies on selective start and stop dates to make (for the umpteenth time) a distorted (at best) and common deniosphere claim. Readers can play with the data themselves at the site, "Woodfortrees", as I've done below showing examples of how trend lines for the temperature data can be manipulated depending on the time frame one uses. I've used the BEST land surface temperatures and put in trend lines at different points. The slope of the line changes dramatically depending on the points one uses. You can even get the line to nose-dive down--if your interval is short enough. Real climate change is measured in decades, as the "signal" emerges from the year to year "noise". The same misleading claims are often made about ice extent at the poles. They're misleading, and fundamentally dishonest.

After a short hiatus and rest after the busy school year, George and Miriam return home, George opens his browser and realizes all that he has missed......his copy and paste fingers nimble after a short rest are ready to go in "I'll show you" fashion. As he practices, he recalls the word "denier". I am sure in the coming weeks we will see more hoaxterism.

There has not been any globull warming in 17 years 10 months. In fact NOAA just released that in the last decade the USA has cooled 0.7 degrees. The HOAX is up for the globull warming alarmists

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