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Letter: Ranking Obama

The Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy is named after a former commissioner of the National Basketball Association. Before that job, O’Brien had a long career in Democratic politics.

He is best known for his work as director of John F. Kennedy’s 1952 and 1958 campaigns for the Senate, and as national director for the presidential campaigns of Kennedy in 1960, Lyndon Johnson in 1964, and Hubert Humphrey in 1968. He then served two terms as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

His office in the Watergate Hotel complex was burglarized in 1972. The most consequential result of that break-in was the resignation of the president of the United States two years later. Facing certain impeachment and conviction, Richard Nixon left office in disgrace.

If you seek criteria for determining the worst president since World War II, keep in mind that Nixon resigned, Clinton was impeached after lying about sexual exploitation of an aide, Johnson decided to not run for another term because he realized that the war in Vietnam was tearing the country apart, and Reagan sold arms to Iran to procure the release of hostages. George W. Bush started a unnecessary war that haunts us still and sat back as the country slid toward economic ruin.

With the exception of the second Bush, those presidents also had noteworthy accomplishments. President Obama would have many more to his credit if it were not for the absolute lack of cooperation from the Republicans in Congress, who have made frustrating the president more important than serving the country.



Legacy Comments5

It is not the fault of Republicans that Obama has failed. He had NO experience in economics, business, foreign policy and has absolutely NO leadership experience. Just because he is President that he gets to do whatever he wants. There are three co-equal branches of government and separation of powers defines our form of government. If Republicans do not agree with Obama, his policies and his approach, they stand on principle and that is admirable. you ever consider anything OTHER than the National Republican Party line?? NO president takes office knowing enough about ALL aspects of his job. However, the NRP, on the day of his inauguration VOWED to do everything possible to assure Barack Obama would be a one term President. IF you agree with such negativity from a political party, then you belong with the NRP. Most thinking people find when one party VOWS to trip up every attempt to help the middle class and the poor-it is disgusting. Yet the NRP has shown a record of more than five years of doing NOTHING for the middle class and poor. If you are happy with that, it says a lot about your character.

That was said and what they meant was that his policies would be so antithetical to traditional values and so destructive to this country and guess what.....they were right. Just because he is President does not mean that he gets everything that he wants. This President could help the middle class and poor but instead he spent us into oblivion, regulate the economy into oblivion and passed a lie of a health care bill costing us jobs, those working their choice of doctor and health insurance. You comment on my character, take a look at Obama's.

In fact it was GW Bush that spent the US into oblivion-the National Debt was raised from $5.8 trillion tost $11.6 Trillion on his watch. Of course, it was helped by 1) Dick Cheney getting the 'Bush Tax Cut 2001' pushed through Congress in the first 100 days of his administration, and 2) starting an unnecessary war in Iraq, then not letting it end until he stolen their oil rights.

Walter - name 1 piece of legislation NObama has EVER authored? NObama has clearly opted out of the role of governing through legislation. Reagan had a democrat House and Senate and he did great things - NObama has never even governed even a town council and it shows

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