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Letter: Motivated for change

This letter was sent to Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s office:

Dear Sen. Ayotte: Thank you for reminding me just how debased the English language can become in the hands of people with an agenda whose job is financed by people with the same agenda.

This bit of double-talk drivel has convinced me that I must actively work to prevent your re-election and help return to a world where people are people, corporations are corporations (chartered by law, not born), speech is speech, money is money and government is by and for the people.

I realize that the primary job of Congress, in the little time left after fundraising, has become the churning out of euphemisms and scare language “corporate wrong-doers” (to refer to frauds) and “weapons of mass destruction” (to refer to nothing that exists) being among the most pernicious, while protecting the rights of your largest campaign donors.

That you could send this sentence with a straight face (so to speak) – “The legitimacy of our democratic republic depends on a free, fair and transparent electoral system that abides by the U.S. Constitution” – is truly a trip through the looking glass.

I assure you that if such a system ever exists again, you will be out of a job. I, for one, will work very hard to see that such a system does. Thank you for the motivation.



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Kevin -typical far-left. School yard name calling (with a puckered lower lip?), Glad you are concerned about our language but in addition to addition is there are also respect for your fellow person and manners. Remember manners? Manners is the societal lubricant that keeps a culture from burning up with its own inevitable friction. Instead of Ad Hom attacks (the lowest form of debate), how about something like, "I disagree with your position or opinion because of (A, B, C....n)."

T, do you like a challenge? Here's a good one: Cite a specific comment from Mr. Connors' letter that is ad hominem (or in this case ad feminam). By the way, your little parenthitical "with a puckered lip" was legitimately ad hominem as was "far-left" and "[s]chool yard name calling[.]" You can try to find the slightest criticism of Sen. Ayotte the person contrasted as contrasted with her job performance, but you won't succeed.

QUOTE - double-talk drivel

Note to author - That re-election is not for a few years but you might actually see an election of consequence this fall

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