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Letter: Un-American activity

I am appalled that the United States would even consider rejecting refugee children, sending them back to face death at the hands of narco-gangs that have overtaken their countries due to U.S. intervention.

As a country of immigrants, proud of its heritage and values, how can we perform this second hand genocide?



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A MUST READ This will make any Real Americans's blood boil -

What is really sad is that people are so easily duped by" Its for the children" fable when facts can easily be found that show it is another purely manufactured NObama crisis and "the children" are just another spoof. Go read the statistics released by the white house on is Families crossing - not children. God Help America.

Faith, Look below the surface. These kids are being used as political pawns to attract their parents/relatives to leftist voter roles. US political operatives incited this migration from central America with disinformation and false claims about how easy life would be. This was reprehensible and not too far from Idi Amin's use of children as human shields. The children are being used as pawns and abused by people in their own countries first and I don't like it either. if everyone who voted for nor supports the current Adm would take full responsibility for one of these kids the situation would be better. Wait - your not willing to do that? You want someone else to care and pay for them? How fair is that?

In case the readers did not see the White House Document Dump last Friday night - you may want to prepare yourself for the news that NObama used the "children thingy" and it is a ruse to build emotion . You didnt really think a 9 year old walked thousands of miles in flip flops and did not have any scratches? HEADLINES: Leaked Intel Report: Violence in Central America Not Primary factor in Border Crisis. HEADLINE: The Timeline Of The “Border Crisis” – An Intentionally Manufactured Crisis Created To Advance Comprehensive Immigration Reform. HEADLINE : The brutal Obama policy that's really driving the Border Crisis. THE BIGGEST HEADLINE White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border Read more:

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