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Letter: Raise the diesel tax

Your editorial on a long-term fix for the federal highway fund focuses on the impossible and the silly (Sunday Monitor Opinion, July 13).

We have a problem, and it needs a quick solution. However, you propose to use general funds “paid for” by eliminating tax credits for the oil industry and increased fees for utilizing federal lands.

Good luck with that.

Why not a quick and practical New Hampshire solution? The modest recent gas tax increase was not enough and was misapplied. The increase should have only been on diesel and raised to a level just below those in Vermont and Maine.

We want users to continue to have an incentive to buy diesel in New Hampshire but a diesel tax, versus a gas tax, correctly charges the heavy trucks that hammer our roads and bridges and enormously increase roadway construction costs.

Make no mistake, excessive truck weights are the “enemy” and those with these far heavier vehicles should pay their share, which is not the case today. They don’t even come close.

New Hampshire and its neighboring states would be well advised to apply heavier diesel taxes as a short-term solution to replenish state highway funds. Why should we depend upon and wait for the feds? We can collect and spend our money better than they can – remember the bridge to nowhere? As a start, raise the tax on diesel 5 cents per gallon!



(The writer is president of the Finger Lakes Railway Corporation in Gilmanton.)

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Guinta has articulated an immediate and bountiful funding plan. Shame the LIDV's will never ever listen to him they just bash bash bash him

I'm glad The Monitor identified who the letter writer is. By doing so, the writer was exposed as a corporate executive trying to help his business by promoting a new tax to hurt his main competitors. What a crock.

One minor teeny detail that Mr. Smith leaves out is that for the most part diesel fuel used by railroads is not subject to the same fuel taxes he is advocating. So naturally a railroad consultant would advocate for anything that would benefit his targeted clients. There are some state by state exceptions but this is a very disingenuous letter.

On the other hand, adding to the costs of trucking raises the prices of everything that moves by those trucks- which I shouldn't have to point out is darn near every product you buy.

Oh come on rje, every good progressive tells us that we need trains, trains, trains. I also think that if we could just work on a windmill slingshot that would shoot goods from environment friendly windmills. Soon they will be calling a return to the horse and buggy. It will be good for buggy whip companies. Maybe we should have job training on how to make buggy whips and candles, yes we need more candles and candle stick makers. We might not need clothing shipped in on trucks, hemp, hemp that is the answer! We don't need laundry soap trucked in, we could just take less showers and baths........we waste so much water anyway. And those truckers that will all be out of work or have to pay more for fuel and not be able to deliver.....well, they could be retrained to be windmill and train mechanics. A good job training bill that costs $150,000 to create a $40,000 job makes sense, wouldn't you agree. The rest could get one of those good jobs created by Obamacare.......we would be a nation of third world paupers.

what the writer fails to tell you is that he and his liberal progressive socialist democrat friends have already doubled state spending and still don't know how to manage money and they want you to believe they need more money

BPR...since the Republicans, known as 'conservatives', have had input into ALL state and federal spending, why did they mismanage the budgets so horribly?? Did you know that GW Bush raised the National Debt from $5.8Trillion to $10.6Trillion. Or that Reagan raised the National Debt from $900Billioni to $2.6Trillion?? Talk about 'conservatives' mismanaging the budget WOW. Oh, and did you know that Reagan, while nearly tripling the National Debt, also raised taxes MORE THAN SIX TIMES?? The things you don't know could fill a large book. ROTFLMAO !!

Walter and Real Facts are like oil and water

Because every time money is appropriated, it is siphoned off and spend on something else. Please stop ROTFLYAO, it is sooooo 90's. Beyond that you may hurt yourself. You are not as young as you used to be Wally.

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