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Letter: Shaheen is a fighter

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has proven she listens to the women of New Hampshire and fights to make sure they get the care they deserve.

As governor, she signed into law a contraception mandate that had broad bipartisan support. Shaheen understands the importance of preventative care, as it has proven to lower maternal and infant mortality, reduce risk of ovarian cancer and provide better health outcomes for women. It is comforting having someone like Shaheen in office, knowing she is fighting for people’s health.

What is not comforting is having someone like Scott Brown run for Senate. Brown strongly supported Hobby Lobby’s Supreme Court case, which ruled that the retail chain did not have to follow a provision that required businesses to provide contraception to women as part of their health coverage. What may be even more troubling is Brown co-sponsored the Blunt Amendment, which would allow businesses to deny health coverage to women for things from birth control to mammograms.

Republicans state representatives in New Hampshire show they support women, yet it seems Brown can only support himself.

We need representatives like Shaheen, who fights for the people’s well being.



Legacy Comments1

How in the world did women survive in the USA before Shaheen and NObama got elected 5 years ago - Thank God they came along just in time to save women. The left will tell you that there are boogeymen lurking in every doctor’s office. The Democrat Party is the party defining women solely by their reproductive organs. When did it become socially acceptable again to define women that way?. Unfortunately, I read massive amounts of articles every day and the LIDV's have not once properly articulated what the whole Hobby Lobby decision was all about but use it for massive disinformation and propaganda. How awful it must be to be an LIDV.

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