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Letter: Obama’s unlawful orders

When we read about and see the crisis on our southern border, it should bring into focus the writings of noted liberal historian Arthur Schlesinger, who outlined the “extreme danger to liberty posed by lawless executive overreach.”

He was writing at the time of Richard Nixon. In our time, his views are echoed by another liberal constitutional scholar at George Washington University, Jonathan Turley.

When President Obama announced to Congress that “he would go it alone” if Congress didn’t act, Turley wrote that Obama was crossing a constitutional line, that “there is no license for going it alone in our system.” In spite of that, the president has done just that.

It is my opinion that since Obama shows no indication that he is willing to follow the law and the Constitution, every reasonable measure should be taken to remove him from power.

Congress should make a clear declaration that government executives and employees are under no obligation to obey unlawful executive orders and in fact will be held to account if they violate the law and constitution.

Whereas Congress holds the purse strings of government, they should defund any government department or agency wherever, whenever possible to insure that those offending can do as little harm as possible to the people.



Legacy Comments7

If Congress would do something then executive orders could be avoided. But then if you were even the slightest bit aware of the history of executive orders you would some find that Obama has the lowest executive order numbers (by term) than any President since Grover Cleveland in 1897. So what was it you were ranting about. Could it have been the illegal crossing by children on our southern border? Seems to me the GOP in the House refuses to consider any immigration bill until after the mid-term elections. So that being fact, our President has to act alone. I did find one piece of extreme fantasy in your letter - " “there is no license for going it alone in our system.” On the contrary you couldn't be further from the truth. There has not been a single President** in the history of the US that has not exercised the ability to issue executive orders, precedence is the so called license. ** The exception was my distant relative William Henry Harrison the 9th President, who fell ill during his inauguration and died within the month. You would have liked FDR he issued over 3500 orders in his term, into his second term Obama is only at 35 so far this term. The real abuse of power or actually lack of any should be directed at Congress. They are the worst congress on record. I can't help it that you don't like Obama, maybe you could photoshop a picture of him firing the missile that downed the jetliner over the Ukraine.....

so much little time...executive orders...who was complaining about the number..try the substance of them...immigration bill...yeah if congress would just pass amnesty...that will surely slow down the illegal border crossings...I could go on...but you'll just do what you always do...say you're right and I'm wrong...

MISINFORMATION CHECK: there is a humongous disconnect between reality and the lefts daily propaganda. It is the executive orders that CAUSED the mass illegal border crossings. To end the border crisis end DACA. If you do not know what DACA is you are a LIDV. NOW quickly name the Executive order actions NObama has taken to stop the border crisis - To remain uninformed do not read the following " The Timeline Of The “Border Crisis” – An Intentionally Manufactured Crisis Created To Advance Comprehensive Immigration Reform "

It is not he number of executive orders it is the scope and reach of the executive orders. The House of Representatives belongs to the people and they vote accordingly. On numerous occasions they have passed legislation which Obama does not agree with. Obama has announced the legislation "dead on arrival". Why should Obama have his way on say cap and trade and set the policy and expect everyone to just "go along"? He signed an executive order the equivalent of the "dream act"; that is the kind of thing he does that further divides people. Just because he is "President" does not mean that he gets a blank check. The Congress is willing to consider dealing with immigration but not a broad sweeping "comprehensive" bill that would be the equivalent of Obamacare, with hidden amnesty. The Congress has offered to take immigration one step at a time, Obama is not interested; neither are the Democrats. Obama wants to run the show and he is willing to go it alone. With just 44% of the public supporting him in poll after poll, he ought to think twice. Obamacare is detested by a strong majority of the population in almost every poll, wildly unpopular and it was when they were trying to cram it down our throats; he persisted as if saying: "you will take it and like it, we know best what is right for you". No transparency, no public debate in the open allowed, no C-Span coverage as he promised. Our "Republic" was founded on three co-equal branches of government, separation of powers and this president thinks that he calls all of the shots. That is arrogance.

Little Barry was born to two commies. He was abandoned by both eventually. He was raised as a Muslim. He was raised by two commie grandparents. He was mentored by another communist. All this BEFORE he ever got to Chicago and Saul Alinsky. He has no memories of being raised in normal REAL American. His childhood was a Muslim country on the other side of the world.. Dr Ben Carson recently said... The world with Obama in charge of the U.S. is "like a third-grade class with no teacher in it" . NObama has clearly opted out of the role of governing through legislation. The media also controlled by leftists could have done their job before this disaster occurred... THE MEDIA IS MASSIVELY COMPLICIT.

You forgot "Ntah nyah nyah nyah nyah!" Did you win(?) arguments in school with "I know you are, but what am I?"

more juvenile posts from the LIDV

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