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Letter: Questionable spin

Israel bombs a neighborhood, kills children and it’s the Palestinians’ fault for not leaving their homes. What an Orwellian twist. Long live Hamas.



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"the U.N. which discovered 20 rockets in a U.N. school in Gaza and was forced to admit it after a delay of a day, do you know what it did to those rockets? It turned it back to the authorities. So they can now be used to kill Jews."

3 minute warnings in some of the most densely populated parts of Gaza. Next thing we'll be hearing about is 4 Palestinian children killed while playing on the beach. Oops, already happened. This whole debacle can't help but remind me of an analogy - what we did to the Indians, wholesale genocide by a nation. Frankly as distasteful as the notion is, I don't see these two sides ever resolving the issue if the last 50 years are any indication. This bodes ill for all mankind. Organized Religion at it's lowest.

3 minutes more than Hamas gives..

Israel took great lengths to warn the Palestinians that if HAMAS didn't stop assaulting them with rockets they would have to fire back. HAMAS not only hides their leadership in deep tunnels, but uses citizens as human shields. Long live HAMAS says James. Perhaps the notion that he is praising a terrorist organization is lost on him. Yikes!

Your analogy is perhaps the poorest analogy I've ever heard touted on this forum. Go back to school and retake all your history courses.

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