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Letter: The carbon solution

I thank Walter Carlson for his clear explanation of global warming science (Monitor Forum, July 16). He told it like it is without mincing words. I wish he hadn’t left us with all the knowledge and no solutions.

There is a superb solution: carbon fee and dividend. By putting a price on carbon so polluters pay for their contamination of a common inheritance (the atmosphere), we will incentivize clean energy. By refunding the fee’s revenue to all citizens equally in a monthly dividend check, we will make sure everyone can cope with the higher prices and avoid a ballooning central government.

By steadily increasing the fee, we will phase it in so that market investors can adjust. Such a fee and dividend has been modeled by an independent firm, REMI. They found a 30 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by year 10, and a marvelous 52 percent by year 20.

No regulation can accomplish that and also create 2.1 million new jobs within 10 years. Carbon fee and dividend can. Knowing such a promising option exists to correct global warming, we can and should take action by calling on our politicians to pass the measure. That’s far better than moping about how desperate the science looks.


Cambridge, Mass.

Legacy Comments6

Carbon fee may be a good starting place. However, in order to completely eliminate CO2 generation, all sources must be eliminated or sequestered. Sequestration would require another source of power to operate. Elimination will undoubtedly require replacement beyond what solar and wind can provide. I would suggest that nuclear power is the only existing technology capable of activation in the next one or two decades. IF CO2 reduction to the 350 ppm level is not achieved by then, our world may experience the sixth world-wide extinction.

CO2 goes from 300 per 1,000,000 to 400 per 1,000,000 over a century or so and Walter predicts "WORLD WIDE EXTINCTION...... The only thing that one little itty bitty 1 per 10,000 changes is that it changes the mind of liberals to mush not the extinction of the world

Doubtful Wally, "the sky is falling". We heard all of this bull about the oceans rising by 1990, the ozone hole, nuclear winter, global ice age, keep trying and at some point you might be found right.

the liberal Utopia - where all the citizens are so dumb they will believe anything the alarmists say. HEADLINE: Is One of the Objectives of All Alarmists to Be a Source of Misinformation? IT IS FACT - there has been no globull warming for 17 years 10 months. nor has the globe seen any extreme weather trends. Climate engineering can’t erase something that doesn't exist. Next time you converse with an alarmist ask them what they mean by Carbon. It is the new Buzz word that none know what it means - it is funny listening to their answers

The conservative utopia:believe all the crap published by conservative sources (consider Fox, NewsCorp, Rush, Koch, etc) and never, ever doubt their accuracy-it would be sacrilegious. Never doubt that what is good for conservatives is good for the world. More CO2 is better for the world because it is food for trees (and ignore those progressives who point out that forests are being cut down to grow more food for an overpopulated world and provide homes that will require using up all the fossil fuel that took hundreds of millions of years to create-and besides cutting trees, growing and transporting all helps the Kochs, and their ilk, get greedy rich; and the trickle down capitalism will put more pennies in conservatives pockets!!).

Spoken like a true former public "servant" who never understood the corporate world, instead collecting a check to do make work. You have swallowed the progressive propaganda, lock stock and barrel. Your ilk says that that our prosperity and economy as the "new normal" and we should get over it. Well the climate is the "new normal", so just accept it and get over it.

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